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  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest


    Chapter 1: The criminal

    Growing up in Victoria Island, a young boy lost his parents when the terrible war against the forces of the Black Heaven took place. His parents were enlisted and they both passed away when their ship was struck down by an enemy proyectile.

    Homeless and lonely, the boy grew up as a lost cause, stealing goods and food to survive. It wasn't late before he got himself a reputation and was branded a criminal near Kerning City. He was skillful and quite hard to catch, however, the people of Kerning were tired of living in fear and decided to ask the Guild of Thieves to properly handle the situation

    The next day the criminal was caught and was given public shame in front of the whole town. "The Guild of Thieves never miss their duty." - The Dark Lord said and ordered the criminal to be taken into an underground cell for interrogation.

    Little is known about the punishment and torture he received, but during the time the young criminal was in prison he kept an idea in his heart: Weak people never get their way in this world... if I was stronger I wouldnt had been caught...if my parents would had been stronger they would still be alive...

    Chapter 2: The proposal and the fake oath

    "One night, in his cold lone cell the boy felt a calling. Words that spoke in his dreams... words of hatred and promises of power to never feel ashamed again...all by pledging his full obidience."

    Whatever happened that night, it was unclear for him, but he felt different. Stronger, and just by thinking he manipulared his own Shadow to create a clone.

    The guards alerted the Dark Lord, and soon the cell was filled with people holding their weapons against the boy, whom only looked amazed and confused at his new found abilities.

    "Stop" - commanded the Dark Lord ti the guards "Leave us"

    The nameless boy and the Dark Lord talked that peculiar night. The boy was offered a position in The Guild of Thieves

    The Dark Lord recognized that the Shadow Clone technique was a secret skill among the most skilled Night Lords. Intrigued by the boy abilities to use such advanced technique without any proper training made him earn a place for as long as he promised under an oath to protect Victoria Island and their Citizens.

    The boy saw this as a chance to get away from his prision and took the oath without being honest about it. That night the DarkLord gave the boy a name. "You will be known as SharionStar. I, trust you shall come handy to the Victoria Island, and The Guild of Thieves"

    Chapter 3: The blindness of the Guild of Thieves

    Years went by, SharionStar made himself a reputation for working hard. He joined a guild and made friends by cooperating with them. Even though he knew it was all a lie and that on that faithful night he lied when he took the oath, friendship and praise made him slowly accept he actually might be good in heart after all.

    SharionStar became the captain of his own team of Night Lords, he was now reknown for his assistance and hard work towards the alliance...however news of a calamity reached Victoria Island, as Damien striked against the World Tree.

    The guild of Thieves and the alliance had a disagreement on how to approach the situation, the Dark Lord claimed that his men could deal with Damien even before the Maple Heroes reached the World Tree itself.

    Unknown to the alliance or anyone and against Empress Cygnus orders, The Guild of Thieves sent SharionStar team to capture or kill Damien before he could accomplish his goals.

    As SharionStar's team reached Damien at the top of the World Tree, they were all masacrated. Damien was greater and more powerful than all of them. No one ever heard of this, however at the moment Damien's sword stroke SharionStar, something happened, and a vision with the similar voice he once heard in the prision years ago said:

    Weak people never get their way in this world... if you were stronger you would had never been caught. If you were stronger, your parents would still be alive, if you were more powerful you could have easily destroy Damien....

    In his last moments SharionStar had flashbacks of all his friends, situations he knew contributed nothing to his power, all he thought was that if instead of wasting helping others, protecting them and guiding them, he somehow would be stronger now...

    SharionStar was convinced that he needed no one by himself to flourish....to grow...to be more powerful and have his way. Before his conciousness dissapeared SharionStar said: "Give me power...I will give you whole self forever"

    The Black Mage didnt delay a second before teletransporting SharionStar to him. Healed his wounds, and even though no one couldnt see his face under the dark hood, The Black Mage was smiling and preparing his plans to use SharionStar to destroy the connection between the Explores of Victoria Island and the Alliance by using him as a double agent from within the alliance, and boycott their plans partially or entirely.

    Chapter 4: Commander of Shadows and betrayal

    Right after SharionStar woke up the Black Mage spoke to him, instructing him in the arts of Shadows, twisting and enchancing his abilities to even use Shadows to dispose of his oponents.

    SharionStar felt happy and warm everytime he heard the Black Mage commanding him, for it was the same voice he once heard back in prision.

    SharionStar knew he now could finally have things his way... for as long as he did as the Black Mage told. It didnt matter to him if it was his will or the Black Mage's. For as long as he valued this power over anything else he would always win. He needed no friends, no family, no guild. He hated Maple World for having inner conflicts and hated his former mentor the Dark Lord for being reckless to send his team to death, he hated himself for not being powerful enough to save his parents, friends....but now it was all a memory.

    SharionStar was briefly introduced to Commander Lucid, which simply helped him seal away all feelings, making him an empty tool to be used... just like the ninja he had always been.

    Soon, Commander SharionStar will be send back to Victoria Island with a false story on how he was the only obe from his team to be able to escape Damien, and continue to work from the Shadows until his time to betray his former guild, friends and the citizens of Victoria....


    ((OK so thats a lot of text, some parts might need adjustment, but this is what I have come up with))

    Why would the Black Mage want me?

    SharionStar thinks power as the ultimate law in this world, for as long as the Black Mage provide such power, SharionStar will serve without question in the most efficient manner. Also, the Black Mage could use SharionStar to shatter the diplomacy between the Explorers and the Aliiance and perhaps improve his chances to win.

    SharionStar skills:
    - it is well known the Alliance always sends groups of heroes to work together, SharionStar skills allow him to take over his opponent shadows thus making the fight more even for himself. The heroes of the alliance no only will have to fight SharionStar, but also their own shadow selves

    SharionStar is not camera shy! He always looks edgy and stylish no matter the angle the cameras show him

    I will do a terrific job as your commander oh great and wise Black Mage