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  • Elva's Potion Book is undropable

    can confirm the book doesnt get removed from the quest and stays stuck within the inv

    would be great if someone could remove them (have 2 because i did the whole thing twice)

    ign: xHornet
    world: eu reboot
  • Lets fix Maplestory

    now before someone ask.

    yes i believe there are a few things that really need to be fixed except does already obvious ones like :
    -take care of does hackers
    -less worlds and more merges
    -better char balancing

    what i had in mind is fighting against the whole pay to win aspect and make it possible for casual players to beat does real hard bosses like lucid and lotus.
    but dont jump to conclusion before hearing me out, i know the whole nx asspect is a very touchy subject.

    sooo this is what i had in mind:
    - bring back pt expeditions
    >more pt = less range burden on everyone
    >people get a reason to get together to fight strong bosses. at specially if they arent that strong themself

    -longer timers (old ht used to have 12h timers)
    >a short timer makes it impossible for weaker player to be able to kill them
    >even if they are extremly good with their controll sometimes the damage per min ration makes it impossible for them to clear.
    >by increasing the timer it would motivate players to practise bossfights since there is a chance they can beat them
    > during old ms some boss fight took over 2h ... 5h if you tried a solo

    so in short i would like them to support more team gameplay instead of increasing range and buffing nerfing everything.
    and i would like to reduce the stress on them by removing or reassonable increasing does time limits.
  • Supreme world

    after seeing a few videos about the new hardcore, perma death verion of maplestory.
    i instandly remember about the good old supreme world days.

    sooo i would like to ask if we could get that instead of that xD
    i mean a lot of gms players always wanted it and some ems would love to see it return.

    what is supreme world:
    its a hardcore verison of normal maplestory in which mobs dealt a lot more damage than usual and you had to avoid their attacks as much as possible.
    all potions and mobbing skills had cool downs and ranged attacks had a medium miss chance.
    alsoo mobs had a really high stat res so they couldnt be stunned, posioned or anything (no crash or bind worked)
    bosses usully always 1 hit you with 100k hits so you had to find a way around that yourself :) (party up with bischops shadowers)

    about the server itself:
    it was limited via char creation
    you needed a 150 char in another world to create 1 char in supreme world (appearense stayed the same its like your char was reborn i hell xD)
    that 1 char coulldnt be deleated so you had to pick carefully which class you gonna play.
    there was only 1 channel for all players. ( but because it was that hard it was never crowed after 2weeks)
    you could only chose adventuer classes.

    and like many already know there was a reward for reaching x level with a really strong att medal.
    this could be included to but could also be removed if some thing it would be to broken.
    (i would keep them in since i know how hard it was to even get 100 and even much harder getting past 4th job for level 200...)

    red update ruined it a bit because of some skill changes turning them into mob skills.... , but there is always a way around that :)

    well than lets see what you guys think :D
  • EU Reboot server

    lets give this one a little push after so many other suggestion have shown up
  • EU Reboot server

    all we can do is waiting but i really hope someone could give us a answer.

    or at least throw us a bone like "expect reboot this year" like they did when they announced merge and delayed it for a few months.

    something anything would already help a lot :'(