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    Darkness followed me. I’ve long lost track of the time I have since been buried. My bloodline fading within me. They told me I was inadequate. I would never become a Kaiser. Everyday I would visit the magnificent statue of my great-grandfather, hoping to gain some insight. I worked day and night, sharpening my strengths. I so desperately wanted to be the hero my great-grand father was. I held the most peerless mind to date, but my combat ability was lacking. In our race, strength was everything. No one remembered me. Only my brother knows where I am.

    No one expected I would one day contact the black plague. It was dark and sinister, seemingly to have a life of its own. There was no cure. All its targets met with an excruciating end. Victims that showed signs of early symptoms were immediately thrown into a furnace without verification. If the black plague were to spread, our race would become extinct.

    I was chased out by my own family, running for days before I encountered the secret base. No one dared to approach me because the plague was deadly. My skin gradually darkened and tarnished. I was stronger then all the previous victims, yet it was not enough. I could feel my own strength beginning to perish. My own mother would not come near me. They sent death row inmates along with poisoned food orchestrated by my father. They laughed at my sight. It did not last long though. Eerie inhumane screams soon filled the air, echoing within the bounds of the cave. No one escaped death within my proximity.

    I knew the food was toxic, but I could not stifle my hunger. They could not even serve me food that was not obsolete. As the poison seeped through my veins, I felt it unexpectedly shudder. The black plague revealed its presence. This venom was the saliva of the most dangerous snake born in Grandis, however, in front of the black plague the snake’s venom remained motionless. It could not go up against nature. The black plague swallowed it from existence. Soon after, there were no more visitors. I thought I would die alone, long forgotten. The smell of death engulfed the base, every second becoming much more apparent. The portal became dormant. It appeared to have been sealed from the outside. Meanwhile, the black plague continued to chip away at my soul. Only my mind endured. I do not know how much longer I could tolerate the pain.

    Numerous years passed when the portal suddenly came to life. I wondered if they had finally found a cure or decided to give me a proper burial. A group of stocky masked men appeared, reaching out for my body. I could tell they were of a different race. I had never seen them before. They covered my body in a white translucent bag, wrapping my legs and arms in chains. I was too weak to cry out much less fight back. They dragged me head first across the floor. After an extended period of darkness, I knew I was outside. I saw a faint outline in the distance. It was my brother. The horns were indistinguishable. He was the only one that could match the size of my horns. I heard him make the order to throw me into a pit. Before I could process what was happening, I felt like I was free falling for an eternity. My lips swelled into giant fat lips. When I woke up, I noticed my hp bar had 5% leftover. I could not tell if I was blessed or cursed.

    During all this time, I continued to struggle against the black plague, falling deeper within the planet. I could make out the cries of my ancestors at the surface. I did not know what was happening. I finally gave up resisting the black plague, after all, I ran out of hp potions. The dark energy bolted into my mind at the sudden opportunity. My mind running into madness. It had decided to take procession of my mind, but I did not allow it to do as it pleased. So much time has passed, I could sense the black plague gradually weaken. My mind absorbed the black plague along with all the resentment contained inside. I lost my empathy, but I managed to remain sane. I had finally conquered the black plague. The shadow of the black plague laid vibrant in the back of my eyes. All the victim’s experiences became a part of me. My chains fused with the wounds on my body. Leftover rags stuck to the wound in my eye. My blood now black and cold. A faint glow of darkness emitted from my body. The aura of death much more intimate at my fingertips. I could feel the black plague’s power surging within my body. I could finally move again.

    Inside the core, I discovered life. No one could stop me. Everything I got a hold of, withered to death. I felt nothing. The aura surrounding my body would transform allowing me to manipulate its body and force my prey into my hands. Following a countless killing spree, the energy from the black plague would spew out turning my surroundings into darkness. After I slain one of the commanders, the area surrounding my feet crumbled into black particles. Everything in the zone started to rot from the ground up. Its been five years of non-stop killing. Only the last remaining life stood before me. I will remember his words clearly, “Are you a member of the black m-” he asked. I closed in on his head before he could finish. There was not even a trace of his soul left.

    I remember hearing stories about the black mage when I was younger. I no longer have a family. I do not have anyone I hate or love. My fate lies with the black mage. I have decided to serve the black mage and carry out all his orders. I am coming for the surface. My name is Null because I have nothing. The maple world will soon learn of my existence and become nothing.