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  • Sengoku Hakase Badge

    Hello, I would like to suggest to bring back Sengoku Hakase Badge. The last time we had Sengoku High with Sengoku Hakase Badge as a reward was in September, 2018 which was almost 3 years ago. Currently, a lot of players are feeling discouraged to continue playing the game at some points due to how much of a disadvantage it can be between a player having a Sengoku Hakase Badge and not. Personally, I have been wanting to create a new character for a long time but I do not feel motivated because I am unable to obtain a Sengoku Hakase Badge. The equipment is able to give up to an extra 5,000 stat compared to a Crystal Ventus Badge, this is a huge gap. Unlike other obtainable badges in the game, we are able to apply Potential, Bonus Potential, Scroll Enhance, and Starforce. This is only possible on Sengoku Hakase Badge. Honestly, this is not fair. It has been a very long time since we had Sengoku High, please bring it back once more. Some of us including me don't feel like playing the game anymore because of this. I personally feel like Sengoku High should not be taken away from us and should be a more consistent event in GMS to allow new characters and players obtain the Sengoku Hakase Badge.

    Here is a webpage of the last time we had Sengoku High with Sengoku Hakase Badge as a reward https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/36048/sengoku-high-returns

    Here is a video of a player using their Sengoku Hakase Badge to gain an extra 5,287 DEX. Timestamp (4:21-4:31)

    Here is a screenshot of how much extra stat the Sengoku Hakase Badge could give you (+8,138,382) 3sD1V53.png
  • Fix Demon Avengers LOW Boss Damage plz(fix inside)

    Hi, just here to support my friend a bit. I would like to suggest the stats from the 9th Anniversary Prime Armor Enhancement Scroll be increased from 250 HP/MP to 675 HP/MP, currently the scrolls with the highest stats Demon Avengers get come from the Spell Trace system which gives 470 HP from the 30% success rate scrolls on equipment that are level 115 or higher giving an equivalent of 7 primary stat that you could normally get from the other types of 30% Scrolls (STR, DEX, INT, LUK). The stats from 9th Anniversary Prime Scrolls give 10 STR, DEX, INT, and LUK yet the 9th Anniversary Prime Armor Enhancement Scroll only gives 250 HP/MP while a 30% HP Spell Trace scroll gives 470 HP. This makes a huge gap for end-game content between Demon Avenger and other classes.


    Another similar suggestion would be to implement HP onto the Advanced Gollux Scrolls and Basic Gollux Scrolls equivilant to the amount of Primary Stat it gives. Currently the Advanced Gollux Scrolls give 3 STR, DEX, INT, LUK Primary Stat, and 4 Weapon ATT/Magic ATT. Looking on the Spell Trace system, a 70% STR success rate scroll that were to give 3 STR is equivalent to a 70% HP success rate scroll that were to give 150 HP. Based off of this, I believe that the Advanced Gollux Scrolls should also give an additional 150 HP/MP and Basic Gollux Scrolls give an additional 50 HP/MP due to the fact that STR, DEX, INT, and LUK is not Demon Avenger's primary stat and therefore we do not benefit from the results on scrolls as much compared to other classes that do, making end-game content between Demon Avenger and other classes a bigger gap.


    One final suggestion that I would like to make is to increase the HP% stat equivalent to All Stat% from Maple Warrior 31. Currently, Maple Warrior will match the stat between All Stats% and HP% precisely until level 30 where we are only able to get up to 15% until 31 yet gives 16% All Stats but only 15% HP. Maple Warrior 31 can be obtained by using the skill Decent Combat Orders which should increase all of the 4th Job Skills by 1 more maximum level. It almost feels like Nexon Korea forgot to give Demon Avengers an additional 1% HP at Maple Warrior 31, hopefully we can be heard it would be much appreciated coming from a person that played the game for more than 12 years now. We really enjoy the game a lot and we're thankful for all the updates so far.
  • False Ban Reports 6/22

    Ghiblee, please help us I didn't use any hacking program or botted in the game but I was added in the list http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/28683/ban-data-from-06-18-2020-06-24-2020#latest. I love this game and still want to play. I cherish this community a lot and wouldn't do such things to risk losing them.
  • False bans back again?

    If you have been falsely banned for the "RMT" reasons please message me so that we could all come together and help each other.
  • False bans back again?

    World: Bera
    Ign: Execute
    Level: 260

    I've created 1 ticket with 1 follow up (2 tickets total I think) and both tickets were denied and closed for "potential illegal RMT activity". All I did was sell Frenzy/Monolith service in exchange for mesos at an hourly rate of 50m/hr up to Esfera and 70m/hr up to Liminia. I always recieved the mesos before providing 1 hour of the skill "Monolith" that is obtained from equipping the Frenzy Totem in their maps and I was selling to more than 10+ people for about 3 hours before I received the ban. How is this RMT? Selling services like Frenzy/Monolith or Firestarter is not RMT at all, they need to realize that their pixelated equipment are not "real world" stuffs. Nexon hasn't been treating us very well at all even though how much we've put into the game, I always spend more than $300 USD monthly in the Cash Shop to maintain MVP Diamond and help others with the EXP Atmospheric Buffs. I've always been MVP Diamond almost every month since the MVP system was released. If I ever have spare money, I always spend it on MapleStory, and I'm sure many of you do as well. Honestly, if you are a new player and are reading this I would close this browser, uninstall the game if you have it and do something more productive in life this game is not worth it. I have been falsely banned before in 2015 and not only did they ban my account, but my entire family that accessed the game as well. This is the second and last time that I will probably be losing my Nexon account, it has been a bit stressful for the past few hours.