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  • Familiar System Balancing

    Prophetie wrote: »
    That would still leave us with up to 240% Boss Damage/IED from familiars in a game balanced around having none
    I really, really like your take, I just think they should be nerfed to the ground and be something you can work on slowly on your way to end game.
    Then getting a second line would be part of late game optimization rather than a must-have early game item that doubles your damage

    There is a cap of 120% boss damage from familiars, there are probably other stat caps too but unless Nexon tells us what they are we won't find out soon.
    Argent wrote: »
    For healing, I think you didn't mean for Unique familiars to heal a "small amount" since that was already listed for epic. Pushing "Large" to legendary is fine if we can still stack healing.

    The rest of the junk lines are there as filler so players need to reroll. We have them everywhere else in the game unfortunately and I don't see Nexon getting rid of a way to make us farm more or spend money.

    For healing, unique rank can heal for the party and allies, while epic can only heal for yourself. Stacking healing is why I put "large" in legendary rank. The junk lines, of course, won't be removed, but since nobody cares about them I decided not to balance the numbers or what rank you can get them at, which is why I omitted them.

  • Show Star Force on individual characters in Legion


    It makes it much easier to know which characters need more star force and which don't, without having to log in on up to as many as 40 different characters.