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  • [Contest] Maple Fashion: Design Story


    Meandering Spring Blossom Set

    Hat - Blossom Hair Accessory
    Earrings - Blossom Earring
    Overall - Spring Blossom Kimono
    Shoes - Cherry Geta
    Cape - Spring Deity's Scarf

    I guess this set would be for females only but it'd be cool if men could join in on the fun.

    I drew the hair for fun but it'd be cool if that showed up in game.

    This design was inspired by the female deities of Asia and cherry blossoms. At first, I contemplated what kind of design to use. Ice? Stars? Kittens? But when I came home from my part time job at a Japanese dollar store, I immediately decided to use this design.

    It was 8 pm, the store was about to close in an hour, and there were barely any customers. One cashier was more than enough to handle the non-existent line. Since there were two of us, I decided to take a walk around the store to buy some stuff. My partner's approval allowed me to go to the cleaning section since I desperately needed a mop. When I walked by the food section of the store, I saw a package of crunchy pickled plums. The cherry blossom designs on it were absolutely mesmerizing and the contents looked exactly like the sour, sweet, and crunchy plums I used to eat as a child back in Asia. Immediately, I decided to buy a package and eagerly went home that night. Slowly, I opened up a packet and popped one in my mouth. It was like a whole new world was opening before me as it burned my tongue off. It tasted like the acidic snot straight from the pickle deity's fingernails. I frantically grabbed the package to look at the ingredients list and saw vinegar, salt, cherry blossom. That was when my dreams of eating sweet and sour plums crashed right down into the deepest depths of the Marianas trench. I wasted $2 and nearly saw the heavens but it was this that helped me come upon this design idea.