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December 31, 1996
  • Was gonna be the best, turned out to be the worse

    Wow, I haven't played this game in years and they still haven't fixed the stupid auto ban, lag spikes, or hackers. I'm not surprised at this point.
  • Meso botters are the backbone of maplestory

    Maybe Nexon is in deep with these botters. Would explain why they haven't really come down hard on them in years.
  • Can't have private information about your account

    OK, this has bothered me for sometime.

    Let me explain myself.

    About a month or so back I started playing Maplestory again. I got on my account and played for a few minutes then checked my inventory.

    That's strange. Billions of meso worth of chairs were gone! I thought it could be a bug or someone hacked my account.So, I submitted a ticket to Nexon America to see if I could some way get my chairs back.

    They said no. They couldn't find a way to prove that the chairs were ever there in my account to begin with.

    I was 100% sure my chairs were there. I decided maybe my account was hacked. I asked them could they tell me if my account was active while I was gone.

    And they said they couldn't disclose that information. I asked why not. I could prove the account was mine. I had my password, my pin, my email and my freaking debit card that I used for my account. Still, they said they couldn't tell me if my account was active at anytime I was away.

    I find this really stupid. It's my account. Why can't I have access to information about MY OWN ACCOUNT especially if I can prove it mines. Also, why don't they have a feature that keeps track on your gaming time? It seems like a very useful tool that could help players out to make sure nothing strange is happening on their account without their permission.

    Just wanted to share because it still pops up into my mind every-time I log in and see that my missing items are gone forever and there;s nothing I can do about it.