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  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Love everyone passion, but lets talk objectively here. Haku's Blessing, although to be deemed "overpowering," it still scaled base on the individual user; it is not like everyone automatically gets a 300% m.att buff. That being said, the nerf is a bit much without counter re-balancing to her other skills.

    Because Kanna have lower % dmg and # of attack lines compare to other mage classes, a huge difference in made up with Haku's Blessing. With a main buff essentially taken away and still maintaining the combination of low % dmg and # of attack lines, the Kanna population are at a disadvantage and finds it difficult to maintain the Kanna class.

    For those who have heavily funded their Kanna, the 1%, the top tier Kannas, the nerf, may have cut down your range significantly, but overall will still possess enough dmg to effectively train and boss as a solo. But not every Kanna is "heavily" funded. Majority of Kannas have little to moderate amount of funding, and those are the ones who the nerf affected the most. The ufHaku's Blessing are only "overpowering" to a few. For the rest of the Kannas, it is just a regular buff to balance their low % dmg and low # of attack lines.

    Hopefully, in the future, Nexon, as well as the rest of the community, will understand that not everyone is heavily funded; Buffs like Haku's Blessing are only "overpowering" to a few. For the rest of the Kannas, it is just a regular buff to balance their low % dmg and low # of attack lines.

    Side note: To the one who thinks people are just upset because of numbers, please consider this. Play style and numbers goes hand to hand. The reason you're upset is because they added a cooldown to Hitokiri, and now you can no longer "dash and slash," thus changing the "play style" of Hayatos. Say... they didn't add a cooldown to Hitokiri, so to your logic, isn't a change in "play style," but instead change the % dmg on it to be flat rate, so instead of 455% dmg, it does 455 dmg. Now it'll take you 10 times longer to "dash and slash" the monster or boss. Would you then feel like numbers doesn't matter? Surely your can't say your play style isn't affected, now that you'll be stuck in one spot longer than what you normally would be.