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  • Justice For Hurricane Classes

    [Update February 19 at 1:30 PM PT] Image has been removed as it was in violation with the Forums Code of Conduct.
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    For far too long has the hurricane class minority community been oppressed by the hard-cap system in which the majority of the GMS community (non-hurricane class community) has shunned for their own self-gratification and biases. To those who are unaware of this creeping imbalance issue in which is embedded within the system itself, GMS capped attack speed is higher than that of KMS. A majority of classes benefit from this higher attack speed, while others do not. This proves to be detrimental to the balance between the hurricane and non-hurricane classes and creating a two-class system in which the game favors those of non-hurricane classes over hurricane classes (e.g. Bowmaster, Corsairs, Jett, Mercedes, Phantom, Wild Hunters, and Wind Archers). Most games and MMOs today knows how attack speed is a fundamental/meta factor in regard to damage, and such restrictions on a particular class will bring balancing issues.

    With the upcoming NEO patch, the hurricane class is at death's door at the bottom of the chart with the damage cap increase. A lot of people argue that such chart is inaccurate. However, many of you people rely on the use of BA’s on a dummy to determine a person’s worth when recruiting hard bosses, which is the same, if not similar, analysis and criteria in which charts are constructed on. One thing that remains a fact in DPM charts from KMS due to differences in attack speed, is that hurricane classes are ranked much lower and non-hurricane classes much higher in GMS. This led to the unethical discrimination amongst classes, as some classes are more valued than others in terms of DPS roles and being rejected in the process.

    Common counterarguments addressed by our VFM’s have bias-ly stated that the impacts are minimal(1). For those arguing that such impacts are minimalistic, then it would be perfectly fine to reduce GMS attack speed to that of KMS (soft-cap) since such impact within these terms would also be ‘minimalistic’ and saying else wise would be quite hypocritical of you. Before you argue that it is still minimalistic, take a couple of BAs (one that is soft-cap, the other hard-cap AS) of your non-hurricane main and share the difference with us. With the introduction of new 5th job skills and changes to existing skills (e.g. animation-delay reductions, buffs, and rebalancing) it has brought future unprecedented balancing issues in which GMS has dug itself into. For example, certain skills are sensitive to attack speed increases, thus making them perform extremely well outside of their intentional design which is best fitted in KMS’s soft cap attack speed.

    Considering that balancing patches in KMS is around the corner, it is anticipated that such issues may or may not be addressed on the KMS side of maple for hurricane classes, such as higher %damage for hurricane skills, or even making hurricane classes hard cap in AS on KMS. However, if hurricane classes in KMS are buffed to allow them to hard-cap, this will NOT be seen as a buff for the hurricane class community, but rather a FIX that SHOULD have already been implemented long ago to balance the deviant system in which GMS has created. Considering that NA Nexon cannot balance skills around the hard cap this will continue to be an issue until a drastic change occurs, such as nerfing the attack speed to KMS’s standard (the soft cap) or allowing hurricane skills to hit the hard cap or past it.

    To the minority hurricane community that wants balance and to reduce the continuing gap between KMS and GMS’s attack speed bring this post to the attention to u/CM_Ghiblee and the MapleStory official discord. For too long has this issue been ignored, which is slowly killing hurricane community that which once stood strong. For classes that are not affected by the hard-cap (i.e. pathfinders), please voice your concern and inform the community on how the hard-cap system is a disservice for you. Our goal is to even the playing field, bringing equality in a system that benefits ALL classes and removing the two-class system embedded in the game. I know that this post will get downvoted to hell because of unpopular opinion, but if I can raise awareness it is worth the heat and slander. To the Bowmaster, Corsair, Jett, Mercedes, Phantom, Wild Hunter, and Wind Archer communities, I love you all and stay strong.

  • 5th Job Decent Advanced Blessing bugged for WA?

    Bug type: Gameplay, skill

    Brief bug summary: 5th Job Decent Advanced Blessing not giving buff

    More details:

    Whenever I cast decent advanced blessing the skill animation will go off, but the buff does not apply and the cooldown would apply. Range does not increase, and does not display the buff on the top right corner. I've tried removing and re-adding the node, replacing the node with a freshly made one, ran a repair installation of maple and relaunching maple multiple times. Recently, Wind Archers had their skills adjusted regarding cast animation speed, and it might have affected decent advanced blessing in the process. The problem is may be similar to the Kanna's Haku Blessing bug being mentioned.
    Steps to reproduce:

    Character name: [REDACTED]

    Character level: [REDACTED]

    Character job: Wind Archer

    World name: Reboot (NA)

    Date and time of the incident: Since the latest patch and after the unscheduled maintenance
  • Hekaton Reintroduction?

    Since the upcoming Arcana map, Morass is coming to GMS, wouldn't it be necessary to bring Hekaton back to Kritias since its been referred to, lore wise, in the Morass storyline, and leaving it out would show a gap in the story.

    Also considering that the double invasion in reboot is confirmed as a bug and has been fixed, reported by Daxi, it would be the perfect time to have this suggestion forwarded to leviate the distress occuring within the community. Along with the time changes, its difficult for players to participate in invasions, as a majority of the invasions are within work/school hours. It would be important to note that Hekaton is ongoing in KMS and is "originally" suppose to be in GMS since the RED update, but was removed due to stability issues until further notice. Also, its been years since the RED update and there had been no word of its reintroduction since.