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  • A sun has set

    I wanted to post something fun, but I'm done trying. Nexon support, please catch on fire as I have never in my life had to deal with a more incompetent bunch of fools than you. I work with children daily, and I'm pretty sure they have been more help through this than you guys ever were.

    So for my final piece of this rant, I present some art called:

    "Is that the sun? Oh, it is just a dumpster fire."

  • A sun has set

    Warning: High levels of sodium

    It was a cold November morning, a thin layer of ice and snow covered the ground outside, the sun hadn't peaked over the mountains, but, in his room, a nerd got ready to kill some red robots. He fired up his laptop, heard the sound of the hyperactive fan go into berserk mode, and then he waited as Windows 10 forced him to download another dozen of updates; it was going to be a great day.

    He had hit level 108 on his Blaze Wizard the previous night, and that was the highest he had ever leveled in Maplestory. He had played Maplestory before, years ago, and had some occasional moments where he came back because everything else bored him to death, but, this was the first time the game had ever managed to sink its hooks into him. He had spent hours mindlessly doing nothing, but, it had been fun, and with a few friends and Blazing Extinction, by his side, it got even better.

    The killing spree from yesterday had ended in the bowels of Ludibrium, or more accurately, in the toy factory, knee deep in Master Robo parts. It had been great. The robots gave a decent amount of exp, and with just a single click of his e button, Blazing Extension cleared out a whole army of the red chunks of metal. It had been easy exp, and he was ready for more, way, way more.

    Sadly, the game had other plans for our nerd.

    The nerd launched the game, logged on, and came face to face with what would be his next victims. He put up his buffs, pressed e, and then, the game went crazy. The screen froze for a moment, and he got dc'd. Assuming that this would just be a one-time thing, he reentered the game, put up his buffs, pressed e, and got dc'd again. He tried a few more times, but the result was always the same. What the hell was this ****? Was it something wrong on his side? Had his connection turned to garbage overnight? The nerd did a quick check, and no, everything seemed fine, so what was it then? Had he messed with something? Nothing came to mind, but he went through and un and re-installed the game. Once everything was done and settled, he tried again. He entered the game, put up his buffs, jumped off the platform the game had spawned him on, pressed e, and he got dc'd. What was this? Why did the game suddenly hate him? Was the game bugged? Could it be that Maplestory, Maplestory of all games, had a game-breaking bug that screwed over a class? No, surely not. Our little hero decided to take it upon himself to do a few tests. He got into the game and tried everything but Blazing Extinction, and to his dismay, everything else seemed fine. Was Blazing Extinction, the issue? Could he no longer cast his sun? The thing that had made killing a whole population of robots a breeze was the root of this evil? And so, as the realization came crashing down, he pressed e. The red orb of goodness formed in front of him, and then, the game, once more, dc'd him.

    He contacted support, hoping for a quick solution, but we are on day five now, and nothing yet. The game runs fine, every test they have made him do comes up fine, but, he can no longer cast his sun.