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  • To those who believe Nexon's "long term"

    Arwoo wrote: »
    As I've said before, the skepticism is much justified and for more reasons than the examples you've given.

    What about monitoring Hard Lucid? 25 Star Enhancements and Flames? We haven't forgotten the claims that the content would be impossible for GMS without the addition of 25 Stars and Flames. Sure, it has been cleared already by a number of Maplers after Arcana and the increase to AF, but is it where we want it to be? Should hard Lucid only be cleared by the less than 1% population?

    What about monitoring world population? Ever since the World Leap event, there were many concerns of low population worlds due to many Maplers moving to Bera. Is anything being done to address those who weren't able to leap due to bugs or issues in addition to the wider issue?

    What about monitoring Kanna and other class balance? Ever since the changes to Haku's Blessing and even to Kishin, the class was reported by the community to be weak. Are there plans to address Kishin or make improvements to Kanna's current state?

    What about monitoring the drop rate changes? Is anything being done to address the reports of low rates on acquiring symbols and droplets? What about Nebulites? Are there plans to make these more accessible? Not through events, but through pure in-game content.

    What about the boss changes and KMS maps no longer being effective? What are these long term changes and will you truly make such changes to improve the meso income in Reboot?

    Despite the justifiable skepticism, it's not a lie when we say that these issues aren't being forgotten.
    Although this very message is the source of community frustrations, we're going to keep up our persistence to communicate these issues to you and the game teams.

    Arwoo, first I just want to say... I hate how much of this backlash is being directed towards you, because I understand the position you're in amidst this current situation. So for that, I'm sorry - please hang in there.

    Second, it DOES seem like you understand the game and several of the key problems with it. But like a lot of us have been saying, actions do speak louder than words. If you have the power to do so, please at least forward the fixes of some minor issues (ones that wouldn't take months to deliberate and implement, such as fixing Party Quests such as Crimsonwood Keep, etc.) to the development and decision making teams, just as a show of good faith towards the player base. It would curb the animosity that the players feel towards Nexon America at the moment, which would lead to more constructive criticism rather than venom and insults... do you think that would be possible?
  • Reconsider the In-game name Cooldown

    Arwoo wrote: »
    The introduction of the name cooldown surprised us as well and because of this, it wasn't mentioned in the patch notes.
    First and foremost, we sincerely apologize for this oversight and now it comes down to us and the community delivering feedback in regards to this cooldown.

    From reading through the posts in this thread, I can see that Maplers hate it.
    However, it was informed that this system was introduced to discourage individuals from mass storing names to either sell or prevent others from using.

    It's a given that everyone wants the best names to themselves, but do you guys feel that this may help the overall fairness of name distribution? Or is it preferred to retain the first come first server name save basis?

    Arwoo, thank you for joining the discussion.

    First, I'd like to ask you something; you said, in your post, that the name cooldown feature has surprised you as well. I'm assuming you are referring to the Nexon America dev and community teams, is that correct? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    If this is the case, it brings up a very important issue players are having with Nexon these days - how is it, that the team implementing patches and updates, is not aware of what they are implementing? This is truly controversial to us.

    Second, to answer your question: I believe the player consensus is to allow the first-come, first-serve system for name selection.