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    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Fix 4: adapt to the change, much as was done when the level restriction was first put into place, similarly to when mp3 and the ghost ship were removed with singapore. But that'd make too much sense, and I foresee you and others coming to whine at me for this post.

    If you really sit down and think about it. And I mean actually think about it beyond how this is going to affect your meso-per-hour rates and whatever HOW DARE THEY you feel, they're not explicitly wrong to say that dying over and over to keep a character at a specific level to take advantage of a single map for as long as you have need of it is not an intended way of playing the game. I don't know any game that actively rewards you for repeatedly killing yourself to remain at a specific level.

    I'm not coming to whine to you for that post. However, there's still the fact that Nexon has banned players for this behavior without addressing this problem beforehand. Another problem stems from the fact that new players will have no way to farm mesos for early-game funding. Players have been using suicide method since MP3, but to suddenly remove it right before the next TERA burning event, a lot of players will remain screwed over without a source of income. The current stable method of farming for mesos right now is to get your kanna all the way to 240, a feature that definitely cannot be achieved by new players without carries, equipment, and most importantly, mesos.

    To mention your last point, no other game actively rewards you for repeatedly killing yourself. However, some RPGs have a function to lock your level (shown in WoW). Reboot has no other way to gain a source of income due to the inability to merch or meso farm now. The only "stable" source is to do Ursus every day (which in reality is not accessible to everyone because it must be done within a specific time-zone for the bonus meso) or to sell the power crystals from bosses (which is actual chump change). To say that players must adapt to this change is almost impossible without an update from Nexon. Most of the maps created are impossible for farming due to some factors, making meso farming changing through levels inadequate. I await for your response, and I'm curious if you do play on Reboot. If you do, do you farm on a Kanna? What level is it? ETC. Thanks :)