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  • x3TheZerox3 - Mod Application

    Hello, fellow Maplers!

    Here is a little bit about myself:

    In-Game Character Name: x3TheZerox3 (I am in no way related to x3TheAran59... but I am a huge fan!)
    World: Windia
    Discord User Name: Empress Cygnus#1570

    A brief description of why would I like to become a VFM:
    I really love the active discord community we have. I used to play alone for a really long time but after joining discord, I feel like I've been able to interact with a lot of Maplers from all across different worlds. I am very active in the discord chat and I want to help answer questions for not only the current active players but also new players as well. In the current discord chat, the #general_maple_chat has many active veterans but there are occasional new players who have questions. These questions are often ignored or answered in a vague manner that the new players will not understand. I want to be the advocate for MapleStory to answer these questions (not just limited to Reboot, but also other in-game questions).

    As active as I am on the discord server, I will continue to be active on the forums as well. I know it hasn't been long since I made this forum account, but as time goes by, I will regularly visit the forums and be an active part of that as well.

    What do you hope to accomplish as a VFM??
    As a VFM, I hope to accomplish three things: show that MapleStory is not dead (contrary to popular belief), we have a strong active/supportive community, and show other Maplers that the Reboot world is worth it. I know in the past MapleStory lost many of its active players. However, by advocating the use of discord, I want to show these old veterans that MapleStory is very well alive and breathing. We have a very encompassing community here and I want to keep this alive for many years to come. By keeping this discord channel alive, we can bring these players back and have them enjoy the different things Maple World has to offer.

    This brings me to the topic of Reboot. There are so many different aspects to Reboot that not many players may not realize. Other players criticize Reboot and call it the "free-to-play" world. Although this world gets ridiculed by many players, I for one support the initiative that Nexon has taken to expand MapleStory player base. Reboot, first of all, focuses on mobbing and grinding instead of looking for a funding. This is great because other players are not discouraged by heavily funded players and instead focus on getting stronger by putting in the time and effort. Not only that, Reboot world is naturally "stronger," which means it is not as easier for Reboot players to slay the same mob as in other Maple worlds. While this sounds discouraging, these mobs drop more exp and more loots than regular world mobs, which is a very good incentive for players. On the plus side, the gear drops will match your class, so you won't have to go to the nearest vender to sell any loot not matching your class.

    Of course, that's not everything to Reboot, but just a tip of the ice berg. There is so much more things to Reboot that makes this world great for not only new players, but also veteran players to show off their skills!

    Do you have any experience moderating for other communities?
    I do not have any moderating experience, but I have worked for a year as a secretary of my sorority last year and I have also worked as a recruitment chair and fundraising chair. I have had a lot of experience having formal and casual conversations with others. I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to talk to anyone who has questions and help them excel in MapleStory!

    I hope this is enough to compensate for my lack of moderating online community!

    Thanks so much for reading guys! I hope you guys have a great holiday! Merry Christmas!