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  • Make Gender Neutral Tops Available in Reboot

    I feel like I would be speaking on behalf of a lot of other players, as this is a common issue but not spoken about much within the community. I'd like to discuss the topic of the Fusion Anvil.
    This discussion is coming from a reboot player

    As you many of you may or may not know, the fusion anvil currently only works by having both the appearance item, and function item to be the same gender. For instance, if you were to anvil a (F) top to a gender neutral top, the anvil would not work. This is clear as it states it in the description of the anvil. This generally doesn't seem to be an issue for most items, as they are all gender neutral, except for tops and bottoms.

    Tops and bottoms are some of the hardest items to anvil. Since the current meta is CRA top/bottom (which are gender neutral), the only available gender-neutral anvils for bottoms are either the other CRA bottoms, and the 2 pairs of jeans in the Lith Harbor Shop (sandblasted jeans, ice jeans). This isn't a huge problem, as there is still 2 available items to be anvilled to the bottom (excluding other cra gear)

    The main problem is when it comes to tops. Currently, (In Reboot), aside from the 5 CRA tops, there is NO other gender neutral tops available that can be anvilled. This is extremely frustrating to us players who love the maple fashion and pay to use item anvils. There are certainly only a select few gender neutral tops even in the game, all of which are just unobtainable in Reboot.
    These tops mainly include:
    - Android Vest (and the entire android set for that matter)
    - Horntail's Ab T-Shirt
    - Homecoming Victory Jacket
    - O. Mushroom T-Shirt
    - Slime T-Shirt

    Since these are the only possible gender neutral tops that can be anviled to the meta CRA top, I was wondering if maybe we can make some availability for these items within Reboot. Either within event coin shops, the Phantom Forest Coin Shop (I know this shop already has TONS of anvil items), or even the Cross World Party Quest shop.
    I think that this would be a great avenue for anvil users, and would certainly allow nexon to sell more anvils for NX. It would certainly make us feel much more better about anviling our item set by actually having an obtainable gender-neutral top to be used.
  • Elemental Fury (New F/P V skill) crashes character

    Bug type:

    Brief bug summary:
    Elemental Fury (Fire/Posion new V skill) crashes character to the world select screen upon use.

    More details:
    When casting the skill on a full map of mobs (skill hits 12 max), often causes an instant crash. I've tested this and was able to recreate it about 10 times.
    However, using the skill on a few number of mobs didnt have this issue (ex, bossing, low mob count).

    Steps to reproduce:
    Kishin a map (or go to a high mob density map) and use the skill so it hits the max amount of mobs possible. There is a chance that the skill will instantly crash you after casting.
    I tested it at Cavern Lower Path with kishin and was able to recreate it multiple times.

    Character name:

    Character level:

    Character job:
    Arch Mage (Fire/Poison)

    World name:

    Date and time of the incident:
    December 13th, 2 pm NST (Newfoundland Standard Time)
  • Arch Mage (Fire, Poison) V Matrix Icon Bug

    Bug type:
    Incorrect V Matrix icon

    Brief bug summary:
    The Arch Mage (Fire, Poison) 4th job skill "Mist Eruption" has the incorrect image displayed for the V matrix node.

    More details:
    If "Mist Eruption" is the primary skill in a tri-node, the image for the skill "Flame Haze" is applied instead.

    Upon creating a "Mist Eruption" node, the image displayed is for the skill "Flame Haze" instead.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Search to create a "Mist Eruption" node, and the image displayed is for the skill "Flame Haze"

    Character name:

    Character level:

    Character job:
    Arch Mage (Fire, Poison)

    World name:

    Date and time of the incident:
    December 27th, 2017
    6:00 PM NST
    (it's been happening since the V update, but above is just for the purpose for this post)