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  • Acknowledge the recent crashes

    To Nexon,

    I agree with the above statements made by my fellow Maplers. For the past month, the server stability in Elyisum has been deplorable. I am a very avid player, and the days in which I have gone without disconnecting have been few and far between. From grinding to training to bossing, the lag is incessant. Even if I'm just alone by myself in the map, I find myself lagging intermittently, and the crashes happen frequently. When I'm in a boss run, we have had multiple instances of 10+ second lag spikes, and I have had multiple runs where at least one or more of my party members end up crashing during our run. As I stated before , this has been a LONG TERM ongoing issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

    The incompetence displayed has been very disappointing. There has been zero acknowledgement from anyone from the Nexon team regarding these issues in Elysium. I have read multiple threads regarding this topic, and the Nexon team hasn't taken any steps whatsoever to address these issues. There have been multiple server maintenances that have been absolutely nothing in fixing the lag/crashing issues. This behavior is an insult to your whole player base, and unless you find a way to step up to the plate and address these issues, I won't be purchasing any NX for the forseeable future. Alot of the Elysium players share my stance as well.

    Thank you for your time.