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  • More bags in inventory, if possible.

    I already have a 20-slot chair bag in my inventory, but next to that I still have like 115 chairs in that same inventory and another 30-35 chairs in the bank, would like to be able to have more bags in my inventory. But also for all other bags I have in my inventory... Or why not make 100 slot bags? 10 by 10 lay-out is quite simple to create...
  • Unlimited mesos in bank

    with all prices gone up like crazy (Luna mesos is worth nothing now), it would be very handy if we could stock like 999 Billion in the bank... If I have to pay for a godly item now, I have to log in 4-5 mules to be able to pay for the item... The other day a friend of mine bought a frenzy totem and had to log in 16-17 mesos mules to be able to pay... that is ridiculous...
  • A message about KThxBaiNao

    It's like Barcelona sending Messi away..... fools....
  • [NOTICE] Compensation for Unscheduled Maintenance

    I finally got into the game, only to find out 2 things...
    Firstly, the compensation is a bloody disgrace, I would be so ashamed if I, as a Nexon "employee", would have to break this news to my customers...
    Secondly, it is not fixed at all ! The items which lost their potential only got restored when you had them at Frederik again before you got "banned"!
    The items which lost their potential, while in your inventory were never restored... I still am missing my 24% matt Rod, which had an 12,5B offer on it and on which I spent literally hundreds of euros to make it that way....
    Now how are we going to fix this?
    Oh wait, I have an idea!! Why don't you ban us for 2 months so you can fix it at your own pace? not bad huh?
    And I did not even mention the fact that I am hellbanned, cant even trade goods where I had offers on.... another loss....

    Thanks for nothing!

    PS. Feel free to remove all compensation rewards from my inventory while at it, I refuse to use these !