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  • New X-Scrolls in Maplehood Watch?

    @Aggraphine, what ur saying has nothing to do with my point but yea nebulite is just an example yea flames are way better than nebulites in terms of damage; however people like me and lots of other people have invested tons of money and time to get those 4% all stat and boss nebs on every item and they just deleted them for basically no compensation (crappy flames stats which had to be rerolled) which I think can be called a significant price; and that was fine with me because due to new bosses and system flames had to be introduced and they were in most of the other versions too however what I don't get is they have removed lots of stuff which people have spent lots of time and money for to match with KMS and then they go ahead and put a overpowered item that doesn't exist in KMS.

    @Daxterbeer yea many of items such as frenzy totem (which they removed from this marvel), violet cubes (which was on sale for one day and hard to get more than a few at a time since then) and etc have come from TMS but I really thought they were going toward KMS because they just bring path files over from KMS all the time. Lots of texts in-game are still written in Korean and Same bugs that happend in KMS update, they bring over that exact bug lol.

    I really think GMS has to decide which direction they are going with. If GMS wants to go like KMS then do it or go like Overpowered TMS then so be it but going back and forth is really confusing and makes people make bad investments and waste money/time away. I am fine with remaking new BiS items every few years but recently BiS have been changing way too rapidly because GMS hasn't taken a clear direction. I have personally self-made almost all of my gears since last flame and starforce update to 80k+ stat and I thought I can finally just ride with my gears for few years until new BiS comes out but I guess I won't fund and spend any more money any longer since fixing or changing gears every few month isn't worth it for me.
  • New X-Scrolls in Maplehood Watch?

    I have seen that maplehood watch gachapon will have X Scrolls for Wep, Acc, Pet Equips which gives better stats than primes and premium scrolls. I am just wondering if they are actually going to be in it or it is actually a mistake and going to be taken out? If they are actually in the game, I am very confused as to why because gms have been doing everything to make gms more like kms so it is easier to copy their data and patch over while try to limit breaking the balance; and those changes came at significant prices such as removal of nebulites, singapore maps and POTTABLE Badge, adding flames and 25 star force system. Now gms is adding some Overpowered Scrolls that will break the balance that is not in KMS? What is going on?? It wasn't even long ago that premium scrolls and magical scrolls came to gms and they actually make sense because they are more balanced and in KMS also.