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  • Mesos Gain

    Prophetie wrote: »
    I assume your <400m a day doesn't include grinding on any character beside doing dailies
    KMS players farm mesos through boss crystals on multiple characters. Actually a bunch of GMS players too
    A lvl 200-210 mule can clear daily Normal Ark, NMag, Hard Ranmaru and weekly HHilla, possibly Czak for200m/week and takes 5 minutes a day. You also get tons of flames and cubes.

    I don't mean to be rude, but what type of mules do you possess which can solo HHilla and Madman Ranmaru? ( I assume solo because if you're at least duoing you're losing half profits which is a big no no). NArk and Nmag are doable but they will take far longer than 5min together alone. HHilla you'd need Hero's will or an iframe and decent ping (Not a fault of nexon mostly) in order to react to the cage message reliably, whether or not you have the damage to kill her before she does it again, or you have another iframe is another question. As for Madman ranmaru, he's literally just a damage check, if you can outdamage his heal, great, free money, if not, can't do it. Even then, doing madman with the bare minimum range will take a few minutes.

    Also, "tons of flames and cubes" is a stretch, I regularly see no flames from weekly bosses, it's all up to RNG.

    Prophetie wrote: »
    Ursus + Maple Tour + grinding should be enough mesos for anyone but the top 1% of players. You can easily reach the point where you do Lucid parties without ever farming on a Kanna
    10h of Legion mesos buffs a week and 34h of Totems a month (more if you have access to another computer) allows you to farm on your main while having a lot more fun and getting meaningful exp.
    I don't think the standard Maple experience should be to expect 2b a day everyday.

    Taking into consideration the above quote along with this one, do remember, GMS star force costs are what, double that of KMS?
    Trying to star CRA gear may not be the end of the world, but absolab, arcane gear? Good luck with that, seeing as 15*+ abso costs 120mil+ per try when safegaurded.
    I would regularly burn through 2bil in less than 5 minutes star forcing gear.

    Spending a week, one whole week in order to have a small star force session to see your equipment possibly gain zero stats or quite literally go boom in front of you does not promote player satisfaction in any way, shape or form. It's also not feasible for the average working player. Should a player be allowed to progress on the sole condition they dedicate all leisure time online to this game?

    I play maplestory because I like the grinding aspect of it, but the enjoyment of grinding is relative to the progress being made. One can easily sink hours into the game via the mule boss crystal method and see little to no progress when compared to Kanna farming. Does that make Kanna farming the problem? Or is it the lack of comparable alternatives?

    And on this,
    Prophetie wrote: »
    (more if you have access to another computer)

    Players. Should. Not. Need. A. Second. Computer. In. Order. To. Progress.
  • How To Fix The Kishin Situation [Reboot-Focused]

    these changes cannot be reversed .. and the ideas .. here on this page are not taken into account .. unfortunate but the last decisions and changes (they would have to count huge ..) have only removed many players from the game .. The servers are not full ... they are full of bots and hackers, bugs .dcs ... the changes to intradesible cubes and more ... reboot was losing more with these latest changes and also the regulators, perhaps if a new one arrives producer instead of anna, yes, anna met nerf to kanna, but not to improve the game in the stability that it offered in the memos ... the hackers and now 3pc meta .. are laughing at all this

    Hmm, mind explaining what you mean by these changes are irreversable? I feel like the issue is, as far as I can recall, GMS no longer has actual developers on the team (correct me if i'm wrong here but I'm pretty sure a few years a go I heard something along those lines. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, I don't want to spread false information) and rely solely on KMS for all updates.

    Botting will probably always be a problem due to KMS not really having that much of an issue with accounts requiring them to use their ID numbers, and so we will probably never have a concrete fix to the problem.

    And as for the comment on Anna wanting to nerf kanna, I'd like to believe it's not her that is hellbent on making reboot as painful as possible. This has been an ongoing problem due to a lack of engagement with the maplestory team and the GMS playerbase. We literally have reddit threads spanning years back complaining on this issue. Ontop of these very forums with my post, and so many other mapler's posts just being blatantly ignored. Nobody really knows why they won't make such a simple change. They won't say why either. We literally don't even get a reason on why these changes happened.

    I don't care who does it, whether it's Anna or someone else, I just want someone to communicate directly to the community and explain why they need to keep doing these mind boggling changes to kishin (and not "server stability". Give proof of this claim or stop using it. We had an entire week of increased spawns from glitched kishin that caused me and many many other players 0 lag, in fact, the lag improved) when they literally solved the problem before. It's like a builder being told to build THE EXACT SAME WALL but paint it red instead of blue, and he says he can't do it. The problem has already been solved, it's just reskinned (Holy symbol node).

    Sorry if this reply seemed heated, I'm just tired of such a nice game being run into the ground over the years.
  • How To Fix The Kishin Situation [Reboot-Focused]

    Hi, hope everyone's doing alright with covid-19 and all that. [Long Post Ahead. Sorry]

    ---Rise Update---

    I was given the motivation to post this due to the seemingly very backwards kishin changes this patch.
    They hardly aleviate the 2 pc meta, in fact, once the kanna mule can stand in mobs with blackhearted curse (if the name changed, bubble skill around kanna which does damage periodically) nightghost guide will apply, extending the duration.

    The issue comes with funded kannas, specifically arcana farmers, and their previously desired ability to one shot the mobs with all skills. Since nightghost needs a living target, if you one shot, it's very hard to apply. Not only does one shotting make it harder to apply and thus, effectively reduce kishin up time, Tengu strike, Spirit's Domain, Ghost Yaksha Boss and Soul Bomb are known to not apply it (??? why?). As well as shikigami haunting and Exorcist's charm not applying it if cast while airborne (???). This change does effectively the opposite of what it was intended, which I believed to be, to nerf 2nd pc kannas (even though this is a horrible approach in the first place)

    ---Same Old Kish Changes Opinion---

    This is literally just me saying what a LOT of people have been saying on probably the best way to fix the kishin problem:
    Option 1:
    1) Revert the slight previous patch nerf.
    2) Create a V Node (Similar to how the whole bishop 2nd pc meta thing was resolved with Decent holy symbol being a V Node) .
    3) Water it down slightly from the real skill, instead of 50% spawn 50% cap, maybe 40%40% (Even 30%/30% is fine honestly for something so fundemental it necessitates the use of 2 computers to play 1 game efficiently).


    Option 2:
    1) Remove kishin's ability to increase spawn rates/decrease respawn timers (This literally instantly kills kanna 2 pc meta for farming. Sure, some people may still try to boss and other things my peasant self is unaware of, but that's really not the issue here).
    2) Increase map spawns, across the entire game to reflect kishin's current map effect (If everyone has kishin, no one needs kishin).


    Option 3:
    1) Decrease star force costs
    2) Decrease Cube costs

    Note on Option 3: This reduces the amount of raw hours needed to progess. Look, I actually like the grinding aspect of maplestory, where in order to level up it takes like a few hours post level 250+, that's fine, gear progression however shouldn't feel like i just burned 8 hours to see "Fail" 6 or 7 times and that's all the chances I get (Ontop of the chance of the gear literally just going poof [booming]).


    I don't work for nexon, so I obviously am not aware of any internal data they have that seems to be prolonging the whole kishin shoukan fiasco. But please, consider the above changes and at least MENTION them in the maple memos.

    The reason I'm saying this is because even though we have seen more memos in comparison to before (Which I appreciate greatly, not downplaying the commitment that has been made to be more transparent), it feels like a brick wall is talking. You know when someone is explaining something and you get confused and you try to get them to clarify but they keep on talking as if you don't exist? And at the end they ask "Any questions?" and you raise your hand and it's like they can't see you? (Not projecting here, just using a stereotypical example everyone has probably seen in some movie) Yeah, feels something like that. The amount of players bringing up this issue but it's always shrugged off like it isn't a disease which desperately needs a cure (See what I did there? covid-19, cure? You can proceed to downvote). And when something actually is changed, half the time we get no reasoning behind it like the current rise update changes and are left extremely confused as to why anyone would ever let those changes through.

    I know this post has about the same chance of making a difference as 24 star equips have at tiering up to 25 star (Haha low chance get it? please don't hurt me) and that this will more than likely be drowned by all other posts about the same issue and it will probably fall on deaf ears, I could go on but you get the idea.

    And if it's about fury totems, I can understand the need to cater to players who spent money to speed up their progress. But is it such a problem to at least make these changes to reboot? Will it really kill the non-reboot worlds? Are those worlds worth enough to justify the stiffling of an amazing idea and server in maplestory? What will it take to make such a simple change?

    Just a foot note, If anything I said was incorrect/erroneous, please feel free to correct me, I don't intend to seem like I know everything and am simply just voicing my continued disappointment with the handling of the kishin situation.
    Also, I harbor no hate or ill will for anyone at nexon, it's just hard seeing such a great game slowly detach itself from its players.

    If you made it to the bottom thanks for reading my garbage, hope you have a great day.

    Happy Mapling!

  • Allow Billing Info To Be Removed


    I had recently purchased nx to buy a pet in reboot for my kanna.
    I didn't want to buy $30 worth of nx so i bought two sets of 10k nx.
    And i was feeling particularly lazy and decided to check the little box



    that saves the information for future purchases, since everywhere else
    i have done this there was always an option to remove it afterwards.

    But it turns out there isn't actually an option (verified through Nexon support)
    to remove it and thought it would be a good idea (Was also recommended to post it
    as a suggestion to the forums).
    For example, if you were worried about leaving that information saved in-case your
    account was hacked somewhere down the line as it's not an impossible scenario, it
    would be nice to remove it to have peace of mind (Well, this is my reason anyways ^_^)