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  • Add a reboot server#2 don't let reboot#1 transfer

    That won't solve anything as nexon will just pile on mistakes on the new server anyway. You don't even play reboot, all you've been doing is posting BS to rile up reboot players because you obviously have nothing better to do.
  • Nexon should buff map spawns and remove kishin

    Spawnrate boosting effects are a huge problem in this game that has gone on far too long. It does not make any sense for any singular class (or cash item) to impact spawn rates at such an extreme rate, or at all for that matter. 4x the effective exp/drops with Kishin? 8x with Frenzy totem? That is incredibly unfair to everyone who wants to be able to play the game normally, and not have to result to multi-accounting/muling or buying "kishin/frenzy services".

    These spawnrate boosters create a huge divide in gameplay experiences between players. There is a massive difference between leveling with a kishin on the map compared to without it, especially in endgame areas or anywhere you can one hit kill enemies. Even bishops Holy symbol didn't have this big of an impact on leveling, and did nothing to drops.

    A single skill or cash item shouldn't control the entire game, ever. Kanna's power level in general (especially solo), needs to be improved overall, so the class can stand out on its own merits, not the fact that it has a ridiculously unbalanced spawnrate boost. Additionally, all maps should have at least 2-3x the current default spawn rate, because waiting 5 seconds for the next wave of enemies to spawn isn't very fun.
  • Bug - Afterworld Keys (All but 1 works)

    Try clicking slightly above the lock, it should work still, as I was able to complete the entire quest, along with a friend as well. The lock clickbox can be a bit finicky.