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  • Accurate non-pastel hair colors when?

    I find it completely ridiculous that most hairstyles that are supposed to be "black" are actually "white". Personally I haven't felt the urge to buy a royal in ages and I am not about to any time soon simply because of just how inaccurate hair colors are. I and many others for sure have voiced complaints about this in the past and and looking forward to when our fellows over at Nexon stop being so unusually colorblind.
  • Clean up the game's files

    It's not normal that resources from long gone events and maps are still in the game files. If you look up (for example) "Maple World Seed" in the auction house, you'll see it's still there, an event item from 2018. Some of my characters are still in last year's Full Moon Goblin and Rise event maps, which is completely ridiculous. No wonder the game is so large.

    Put simply: Clean up your game, Nexon.
  • Suggestion: Actually Care About Suggestions

    Let me just start by saying that this is not a vent. I know my forums and I can say through my own judgement that this thread belongs here. My simple suggestion is that you -the people this is addressed to- start giving a damn about what we have to say. Maybe this is a bit cliché to some players and that it's pointless arguing about Nexon America because they're just "puppets" of their Korean overlords, but it doesn't have to be that way. The global and korean communities are completely different, each with their own needs.

    Why is this section of the forums a thing if it's very rare for suggestions to be paid attention to and actually implemented? The players here (who actually play the game) have a lot of valuable feedback all the time, and I find it extremely irritating to go over them sometimes when I'm bored, realize that they're actually really good, and let out a sigh knowing they will always go unnoticed by a company that only cares about profits at a time when they're at their lowest. Maybe it's time that you start thinking about why they're so low.

    Before this game goes to oblivion, start addressing the main issues people complain about. Release more memos since those haven't been a thing for quite some time now. Work on improving performance. Quit recycling events and actually put out some interesting stuff people haven't seen a million times already.

    If what it takes to boost income and activity is dishing out DMT, Marvel, Philo, and every other money-siphoning event in existence, then you've got a problem. It's 2020, so start paying attention to GMS players before you lose them all and be forced to shut this game down.

    P.S.: The censorship thread has been going on for over two years now.