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  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    Name: Orious Venthelowhip
    Former Alias: "Midnight Vigilante"
    Aliases: "O," "Midnight"

    Born and raised in the often peaceful village of Espylacopa, I never thought the day would come when I’d be enshrouded with the darkness. Everything in Espylacopa was seemingly “normal”. I had heard of stories of the Heroes and how they fought against the Black Mage. Children in the village were told that these stories were nothing but fairy tales… I grew curious to know more about magic and wanted to fight alongside the Heroes. Behind closed doors, I practiced magic from a Book of Ancient Spells I discovered in Lufituaeb Forest. With the Book of Ancient Spells, my innate gift of magic had finally been activated.

    The Light Inside:
    Among the village, I was named the “Midnight Vigilante”. The village did not know that I relied on magic to help create a safer environment, so I would only take action when the clock struck twelve. Crime rates in the village were reduced by an astounding 97% just months after making my debut as the Midnight Vigilante. I struck fear into wrongdoers and showed them their demise. Using my powers of mind control precognition, I had ensured my victory over those who opposed me.

    The Dark Awakens:
    Just six years after earning the title “Midnight Vigilante,” things changed dramatically. The day finally came when the village would have to see my acts of magic firsthand. Using my powers on that fateful day was inevitable. The village I had once loved and grew up in was attacked by Arkarium and an army of reptiles. The power Arkarium possessed was tremendous. He blocked out my mind control and mind reading without hesitation. The people of my village saw what power I possessed as soon as I began to teleport to dodge the enemy’s attacks. They demanded that I had my tongue and hands removed, and they stated that I was not any purer than the enemy. Then Arkarium expressed that he has come to help me realize my true power… to help reveal that my life wasn’t worth living in Espylacopa.

    During the battle, my hands were targeted by my village. As a result, each of my hand had a large hole embedded. I did everything I could to heal my hand. Nothing worked, so I resorted to the Dark Arts. My new power was both a blessing and a curse… With the power of my right hand, I had the power to resurrect whatever I desired. Using the power of my left hand, I could make anything decay... After seeing the true colors of my disapproving village, I felt betrayed. I wanted the same power that had, and I was willing to do anything to get back at the people of Espylacopa. I was now engulfed with darkness and born again. I heard a glorious whisper from far away. And before I knew it, Espylacopa was no more.

    I wanted the Black Mage to really know who I am, so I did just that with my new abilities. At each place I caused destruction to, I used what remained of my victims to spell out “MIDNIGHT”. All that remains in the places I came across is the name which brought upon. Seeing my village turn on me allowed me to truly see that the Black Mage and I are the same. I wholeheartedly agree with his ideas, and as a commander of the Black Mage, I will annihilate all who stand in the way of the Black Mage’s grand plan. I have no purpose and recklessly destroy anything in my path, joining the Black Mage is all I yearn for.

    Powers (prior to the Battle of Espylacopa):
    -Mind control and mind reading

    Powers (following the events of the Battle of Espylacopa):
    -Decay (left-hand power)
    -Resurrection (right-hand power)

    -Responsible for the downfall of the following places:
    1. Ytineres
    2. Liuqnart Village
    3. Evol City
    4. Neewollah
    5. Senitnelav Village
    6. Retsae Town
    -Succesful resurrection of various mobs and team members

    -Dark Arts University, Graduated Spring 2018
    *Major(s): Chaos Theory, Life and Death
    *Minor(s): Darkology
    *Overall GPA: 3.8/4.0

    -Ellinia Magic School, Graduated Spring 2014
    *Overall GPA: 4.0/4.0

    Delinquent Little Snakes
    Snake Commander-Intern
    Summer Internship, 2018
    -I worked under Akarium and saw firsthand how beautiful chaos can be. While interning at DLS, I took part in leading the team during the Ytineres and Neewollah missions. Also took part as second-in-command during the Evol City, Liuqnart Village, Senitnelav Village, and Retsae Town missions.
    -Expressed outstanding team player qualities by resurrecting team members when needed
    -Ruthlessly caused demise in the aforementioned places

    Dark Arts University - Admissions Office
    Call Representative
    Fall 2016 - Spring 2018
    -Assisted incoming and potential students by answering any questions or concerns they have regarding their admission to DAU.