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  • Reduce CD on linkskill transfer.

    After all these years since link skills were introduced, I am baffled that you are still restricted to putting them on another character only 1 time per daily reset.

    I understand that making link-skills accountwide is a no-go since you should have to confirm to the limit of having max 12+your own link skill at once active on 1 character so I think it should be changed to have a lower cd of like 1 or 2 hours per swap instead, although I would settle even at 6 hours as long as it meant the CD is reduced.

    As it is currently its kind of inconvenient that you have to gimp your main to lvl a mule with the linkskills for a day, and if you want to lvl more than one(two if you swapped right before reset) mules in a day you cant use link skills on them since they are on CD. Unless Nexon's goal is to make us play 1 character at once per day this cooldown only serves to make us play less because it would be more pleasant to grind mules if you could swap link skills at will, without thinking about that your main is now gimped until reset unless you leave out some links for him.

    I dont see any negatives with reducing the CD on link skills as they wouldn't get stronger, just more convenient to transfer around. I propose this suggestion as a major QoL update to make lvling our legions more enjoyable.

  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    Backstory...? Darkness has existed since the dawn of time. To ask me of my past is to request a story that spans far beyond your feeble mortal lifespan for I am simply a piece of this fulminating collaboration of despair. I would much rather make an example of your enemies to prove my worth, but if it is a story you desire I shall recite the events that lead to the birth of the vessel I currently inhabit.

    I was but a normal human, born in a village that was far from normal. I led a normal life up until I had reached the age of 12, when I came to know how it was to be called the source of all evil. The villagers had decided that to cleanse their souls of sin and to keep their purity, they needed a scapegoat to blame for every bad thing that ever befell them, and that scapegoat was me. I was chosen to be the evil that would prove the villagers souls were pure. Years upon years I was tortured until I had not a speck of sanity left in me.They cut me and cursed me until the only feeling I knew was hatred. They kept me alive on the brink of death for generations using forbidden techinques, continuing this charade just so they could feel like they were pure, honest humans while I held all the evil in the world.

    After uncountable years had passed in the cave, the evil the villagers had pushed onto me started taking physical form. Before I knew it I had turned into a vessel of pure hatred and could move my limbs again. This power, which I named "Amor-Odium", was powerful and unique beyond what any of you feeble mortals can imagine. Yet, when I left the cave to test my new power on the heretic mortals that had caused me so much suffering, I simply skipped doing that entirely. You see, the only feeling left in me was hatred, but my hatred had also mutated into a form of love. I love, therefore I destroy. The villagers were all pitiful, so they weren't deserving of my love so I simply left, after getting rid of my old, human vessel that was rotten beyond redemption, roaming the world as a being consisting of pure hatred, still feeling the curses they put directly upon my body to this day. The trivial human name I had been given at birth was of no value to me anymore, so I got rid of it and named myself HL.

    I donned a dark robe and ventured through Maple world, visiting many islands over the course of many years, yet not a single one was worthy of my love. They were all boring and without potential, not worthy of my time. What meaning is there in destroying islands and killing millions if they cant even lift a finger against me?

    Now this might make you think that I am all talk and have nothing else going for me, since I just keep telling you I let everyone go since noone interested me. You might even be foolish enough to think I am simply excusing my lack of power by calling it disinterest or love. To disperse foolish thoughts like these. I will tell you the tale of the single battle I did fight where I made use of some of my true power.

    It was a day like any other when I spotted a red, short-haired woman in a manly suit wearing leather gloves walking down the road. As soon as I looked into her eyes I felt her killing intent like a thousand needles pressed against me. She instantly jumped at me and struck me with her gloved fist. It had such power that even a vessel made of pure hatred, such as mine, took considerable damage. She used techniques not of this world, and she was certainly no pirate. She struck me 3 more times before punching me so hard I got blown away. But me taking damage was not inconvenient for me. No, not at all, since I am pure hatred, and I am blessed with a defensive power far above the likes of damage reflect. While she was chasing my flying body down I uttered the name of my special curse, "Scribe dolore". She immediately hunched over in pain at the curse's activation. It's simple yet magnificent at the same time. As any true villain I explained how it works to her like I will now to you. Any damage I sustain is stored in my hateful spirit for a certain time, and once I utter the words, the pain of these wounds will be perfectly copied to the inflicting party, That is "Scribe dolore". It may not be of much use if the user would die before being able to activate it, but me dying is not a concern with the power I possess.

    But do not misunderstand, the woman was not giving up so easily. It was the first time in my hateful life I even entertained the thought that I might have found someone that might be worthy of my love. As a special treat I wanted to let her taste another one of my trump cards, one I am quite proud of. I channeled my pure hatred into a spear, it's density so thick it could corrupt even gods, as when I go all-out I do it stylishly. If this spear touches the heart, the victim would be corrupted by hatred. Additonally, once cast it would seek out any humanoid-shaped victim and aim for their heart like a homing missile. I uttered the name, "hastam et odio", and made to throw the spear at her. As I was throwing the spear, I noticed that mysterious woman had a globe-like item she had taken out from a tube in her hand, and the ball was glowing mysteriously. As soon as I had thrown the spear the whole scenery twisted and warped, until I came back to being alone on the road, like nothing had happened, aside from a hole in my chest where my heart would have been if I was still a mere mortal. The woman was nowhere to be seen, and I wonder to this day how our battle ended this way. Even though it disgusts me to use this particular word, I hope to meet her again someday to finish our fight as it did damage my pride quite a bit, but I put that aside for now.

    I have come to make you choose me as a your new commander after hearing your grand plans for Maple world. No place in this world has been worthy of my love, so promise to show me a world that really is worthy of it after our victory and I will swear absolute loyalty to you until the very end! If you are ever foolish enough to wonder why I should be worthy of taking the seat of a black mage commander, then you should know that no Human,Nova,Flora nor Transcendent can unleash destruction and despair as much as me with my power fueled by pure hatred. You might be the ultimate darkness, but I am the ultimate hatred incarnate.

  • Link skill for Explorer

    1/2/3% buff duration since there are so many explorer classes. 2/4/6% buff duraton if only one of each class tree counts. (Stack like Resistance and Cygnus)