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  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    Introduction (of Darkness)

    Hello there, Great Lord of the Absolute Darkness. Mine name is Doctor Dark, or the Doctor of Darkness, if thou that desirest. I have forgeth mine own path after rejecting all of mine past. No longer I am tied to bonds of family nor friendship, for those only held me back in the past. I am a free spirit now, willing to sacrifice anything and anyone just to become one with mine only desire: the absolute darkness. That's all what I care about and I shall send to eternal oblivion any who would dare to stand in mine path, even mine own heart, if needed.

    Tragic Backstory (with more darkness)

    Mine love towards darkness and gloom was born when I was a mere child. The first time I slept with the lights turneth off, I knew what mine destiny was. I starteth learning about the darkness, its meaning, its power, its layers. I should tell thee that it was absolutely enticing; I couldn't have enough of it. Sooner than later, mine obsession grew into mad devotion. Knowing that I couldn't physically become darkness like thee, Great Black Mage, I sacrificeth mine pet, Doggie the Doggo, in the darkest depths of Alcadno's research facilities, where none could hear her pain. After murdering her, I felt the darkness taking over mine heart and all mine emotions and feelings not-darkness-related fading into obscurity alongside my worthless animal. All I could see from then on was more darkness, breaking mine love shackles definitely, so I burneth my childhood home in Lith Harbour to the ground with everyone inside, even my little sister, who was only 4 years old and loved life and me. Once again, my darkness was even darker than before.

    Creation of mine personal brand
    I becameth "friends" with a dark sorcerer in the depths of Ludibrium, who shareth the same affection towards darkness as me. As a prove of our abyssal-dark bond, he entrusted me with a relic of his own creation, able to give me control over any person I wished, the Pocket Watch of Darkness. I testeth it on him and, just like he promised, let me give him any order mine darkness craved. So I forceth him to kill himself. Once again alone with mine darkness and with the power to make the world mine, I worketh on mine looks to be as edgy as possible. I reverse-tanned my skin, I implanted vampire teeth, purposedly stabbeth mine right eye to replace it with an artificial black one and got over 42 plastic surgeries to look as edgy as possible. As thanks to that kind doctor for helping me with mine new edgy look, I decided to wield the title of "Doctor" alongside the Darkness as mine official and copyrighted villain name, and then I murdered her and threw her body to Kerning City's Sewers.

    My personal motives to join thee (this is where it gets darker)
    All what I lacketh now was a role model of darkness. Fortunately, when I visited Edelstein during my nineth darkness pilgrimage, I learneth about your Black Wings and decided to join them. However, mine darkness told me to do so the dark way, so I forceth my way in thanks to my dark relic. Since I killeth countless rabbits in the process and threatened to turn a weird mad scientist holding a teddy bear into a stuffed animal with mine own hands, a woman of white hair, purple eyes and the darkest uniform I had ever gazed upon kicketh me out. Somehow, I couldn't take control of her in the slightest. Her darkness was even greater than mine. That's when I decideth it was time to abandon mine petty schemes and become a true envoy of the darkest darkness in all of the Dark Depths of the Arcane River, a.k.a. THINE darkness. Now that thou arest hiring new dark subordinates, I offer mine surgical body and tainteth soul to thine cause. Even a glimpse of thine absolute darkness is more than enough for me to throw mine own life away, so thou should consider me above anyone else.

    - Darkness
    - Dark places
    - Dark thoughts
    - Proper grammar
    - More darkness

    - Life
    - People
    - Light
    - People who live in the light
    - Despacito 1

    Main skills:
    - The Darkness is Me: I focus mine dark thoughts to increase mine Weapon Attack/Magic Attack +100 and Attack Speed 30%
    - I am the Darkness: I surround mineself with mine own darkness, making me immune to debuffs and increasing mine Weapon Defense/Magic Defense by 50%
    - Obey the Darkness: It lets me take control of up to 40 people at the same time (fails on bosses, elite mobs, Transcendents and people with higher darkness level).
    - Eye of the Darkest Abyss: I can possess another person's living corpse for a brief amount of time (fails on Transcendents and high-ranked bosses).
    - Cosmos Link: the darkness in the cosmos, who sees it all, let's me see through the eyes and read the thoughts of mine controlled victims.

    Previous Experience:
    - Murdering mine own family
    - Murdering at least 8 dark sorcerers
    - Stealing countless grocery stores
    - Taking a picture of Dark Lord in his p-js and posting it on Reddit
    - 10 years of experience in cheating at casinos
    - Infiltrating Omega Sector twice
    - Responsible for over 400 deaths in total, including flies killed on purpose
    - Mad dank memes making fun of Pink Bean for being