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    What is my name? I don't remember... All I know is that I hate this world, and would love to see this world burn up in flames and chaos. To put the world what I've been through is my dream, my desire, and my destiny. This world is scum. This world destroyed my dreams, my hope, my girl, my future, it took everything from me, now I will take everything from it. If it means to join the evil of all evil, then so be it. I will join and make this world PAY FOR WHAT IT HAS DONE TO ME!

    I will tell you my story.
    It's been a long time, I have lost track, but I will always remember the incident. I was a simple farmer enjoying my life with my family. My wife, Esther, my daughter, Alice, and my son, Hye Jong. As I was tending the farm, my wife and kids were murdered. It was done by no other then by my best friend, Simon. Feeling betrayed, I cried out. I cried out in anger, in sadness, the fact that my best friend has betrayed me has made me realized that the world is cruel, unforgiving, ungrateful, and ugly. After my parents disowned me, my wife and kids, who was my world, were now gone. It was then I would get my revenge on the world by destroying it by any means necessary. No matter who it is, even if it's the Black Mage, I will do anything to kill the world. I will give my morals, my sanity, my life to see this world burn. I set out on my adventure to find this Black Mage, only to find the Black Mage has been sealed by these "heroes". These "heroes" has destroyed my chance to rid of the world. I shall wait patiently, because he was only sealed, and seals always break. No matter how strong it is, seals will always break with time and effort. Everyone will feel what it is like to have your loved ones taken away from you... They will feel the pain, they will cry, they will scream, and they will die.

    I specialize in using anger and hatred to strengthen my attacks. The more anger I have, the faster, the stronger, the more deadly my attacks become. Of course, it's not only attack it raises. It raises my defense, my speed, my intelligence, it boosts everything. It's not only my own hatred that strengthens it, but the hatred and the anger of other people, makes my skills deadly and reliable. I store these anger, to use in the near future.

    Of course, I am trained in the martial arts, like muay thai, and kendo. I mastered every martial arts known to man. In hopes to destroy this world with its own creation.
    I am vert versatile, due to my experience of living in this world. I can extract any information you need through the form of torture. I can formulate your battle plans, I can kill.

    - Killed Simon slowly and painfully. Cause of death? Not to sure, too many to count.
    - Went on to kill his family and his friends in front of him. Watching him scream from terror and sadness brings music to my ears.
    - Been on the run for 500 years. Wanted by police, FBI, CIA, for murdering hundreds of families.
    - Fought 100 mages, and won easily.
    - Fought a whole army of 30,000 and won.
    - Fought for a whole night without a single break, not stopping until every soldier stopped breathing.

    I am the only one fit for the job. I am determined, I am strong. I am not afraid to kill those that gets in my way of destroying this world even if it is my comrades. Feelings are useless, love is nonexistent, those that can feel love, are only lying to themselves. Only hatred can get you anywhere. Hatred makes you strong, hatred makes you know what reality is. Reality is harsh