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    Chandler the Empty


    During the days of the Maple World since the Black Mage was sealed, I was just a normal person living a normal life, with a normal job, with a normal family. I had a fiancé, we were madly in love with each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Things soon changed for the worst. I remember it vividly, it was the day before our wedding day! During the dress rehearsal I noticed some unexpected guests, I went to talk to them as any normal person would do, to see why they were there. I do remember it being weird, they were dressed in full black cloaks and I couldn't see their faces, it was almost as if they didn't have any. They said “Child of Nothingness, you will soon find out the true reason for your existence in due time. Until then, you must tread very carefully, for if you don’t, you will lose everything and everyone you love. I will see you again very soon child.” With that they literally vanished.

    The very next day, my wedding day, I was going to marry the man of my dreams. I was going to vow to love him till death do us part. That last part happened quite a bit sooner than anyone could have anticipated though. I was in the middle of my vows in front of all of my family and friends, when out of nowhere, the so called Heroes came and killed my almost husband and all of my family except for me. These so called Heroes said something very peculiar, “Lady, you are safe now. For there is no more evil to be had in these parts. If you would like you may join the Maple Alliance.” Not quite understanding why they had the guts to say that my family and friends were evil and still in shock from the whole ordeal, I simply nodded my head. Since that day I have attended all of their meetings. They know the Black Mage is back, they are making plans on how to destroy him, and I have them all memorized.

    One thing about the Maple Alliance however, is that they are completely ignorant of me. They let me go do whatever I want without anyone monitoring me. I go to Grandis often to hone my skills. The planet I train on is as empty and vast as my soul, my heart, and my feelings. I am nothing but an empty bride. I also don’t seem to age, I look almost like a ghost wearing a wedding day dress, getting dirty and raggedy as the days go on. One day, the same visitors from my wedding dress rehearsal showed up while I was training. They told me “Child of Nothingness, it looks to us like you finally understand. Accept this gift, with this power you will be able to get anything you want. This power will also allow you to communicate with us should you need any assistance or information. Afterall, we are actually one in the same.” The only thing that I wish to see, is that the so called Heroes get destroyed and the whole Maple World to become as empty as me. I want there to be nothing left.

    - Military experience, understands rank structure, never asks questions to superiors.
    - Ethereal properties, attacks phase right through my empty soul and body.
    - Can conjure and dismiss black holes, as empty and filled with nothingness as myself.
    - Can spawn a large number of Ghosts that wander around and shoot negative energy laser beams.

    Things I like:
    - Enjoys watching people suffer and realize they have nothing left.
    - Enjoys making empty promises.
    - Enjoys telling other maplers that they have a new message.
    - Enjoys watching items get destroyed from star force.
    - Enjoys spending downtime with my ghostly friends.
    - A good scary movie! (Gives me ideas of things to try out on others!)
    - The color Black.
    - Also the colors electric blue and dark purple.
    - The black and grey planet in Grandis named Abandoned Flaria.

    Things I hate:
    - Heroes
    - Maple Alliance
    - The Resistance
    - The Cygnus Knights
    - The random adventurer
    - Too much color.
    - Comedies.
    - The color Hot Pink.