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  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    I'm Francis, the Grandmaster Puppeteer behind everything bad that has ever happened to the Maple world.

    Every "boss" you see outside of the Arcane River are all foreshadows of the real masterpieces that I've been working on. Every evil scheme, every strategy, every hint of corruption in this world is controlled by me!

    My story doesn't have all that fancy family dying on me rubbish. Unlike these fools I don't need to be forcefully unchained from this world, for my true evil self is rotten to the core.

    Ever since I was young, I never really liked people. They could never understand me. Even the adults were too stupid for my genius self. During breaks, I would stay inside and play with my puppets and plan my schemes. I didn't need those boneheads. They were beneath me! I kept a low profile and hid my plans until high school, where i met my inspiration Orchid. She was truly evil. I still remember our first encounter. She made fun of my puppets and threw my schemes in the trash saying even a child could do a better job ... I was just speechless and in complete adoration. That's when I realized it was love.

    Ever since that day I've been perfecting my plans and puppetry skills, and she's been bullying me which only makes me love her even more.

    Just like my growing hatred for this world, she's the light of my life that gives me hope that one day this will be the world where she and I rule under the order of the Black Mage.