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    I can remember as if it was yesterday... Who am I? I don't know... Where do I come from? I would like to know... My name? I don't remember, I just remember that Mr. Bear called me OsoCazador.

    I remember a man beating me in a distant forest for trying to steal some food to survive and Mr. Bear saved me from this person; making him run from a single roar, At first I didn't understand it but I felt at peace when I was at his side so I followed him towards the forest.

    He met with an eagle, a leopard and a kitty, which came to heal my wounds. Miss. Eagle brought me some fruit to eat. Mr. Leopard didn't watch me with good eyes, his eyes were filled with fear and anger; after some time passed I started to understand them, even if they did not move their lips to speak, it was a kind of telepathy.

    I liked to play with Kitty, we had a lot of fun. Kitty and Mr. Leopard were like brothers, Mr. Leopard was always worried about Kitty. One day Mr. Bear and Ms. Eagle went to find food while Kitty and I played crossing a trunk that was in a river, which looked like a bridge. In a moment Kitty almost fell from the trunk and I, running, grabbed him and threw him to the other side and I ended up falling into the river. I only could hear Kitty screaming, everything went dark and I didn't hear anything else. I woke up later, lying next to Mr. Bear while he warmed me with his warm fur.

    Mr. Bear was sleeping, I got up to stretch my legs when I saw Mr. Leopard licking his wet body; kitty told me how he jumped into the water to save me and he explained that Mr. Leopard didn't trust me because of the fear and hatred he had for my species; He told me that most people were monstrous and really dangerous...

    But I was young and gullible... One day I found a girl who seemed surprised to see me. I remember that we played until Mr. Bear came. She was scared; Mr. Bear didn’t like it at all that I played with that girl but I told him not to worry. The next day ... it was a sunny day and it was almost time to get up. I was still half asleep when I heard a loud noise and saw Mr. Bear lying on the ground and a man with the same girl of the other day.

    The girl looked happy. Miss. Eagle told me to run, while with her claws she held the man's weapon; then I heard it, another loud noise, it wasn’t just a man, there were several men with weapons and among them was the one who beat me a long time ago.
    I ran out to where Mr. Bear and Miss Eagle were lying on the ground
    Before arriving one of the men pointed his gun at me and fired. Kitty jumped to protect me and was shot... I can remember how Mr. Leopard appeared from among some bushes, with tears in his eyes he attacked the men and shouted at me to run as far as I could I did what he told me, I ran away, the last thing I heard was a roar and another shot ...
    I ran and ran until it got dark and all I could think was that I was alone again.... all for not paying attention to Kitty. He had warned me. I feel horribly sad...
    I fell asleep and dreamed of everyone, as if nothing had happened, I was so happy until I woke up because I felt a very big pain in my arms and legs; I opened my eyes and saw those men tying me up, smiling, thanking me for the great hunt that took place, but I realized that I was also going to end up like my friends.
    The people of the town were organizing a party, a big party and I could not stop crying... I could only remember my friends who looked after me so much... I could see how the people congratulated the girl I had played with and then a man approached me with a knife and he said: it's your turn; I closed my eyes without hope, all I could felt was hate ...

    Mr. Bear: Hey boy do not be afraid, we will not be physically with you anymore but we will continue to protect you. It was not your fault, people are bad and they know how to manipulate.

    Miss Eagle: He is right, you do not have to feel sad for us, we will always be with you, never forget it.

    Kitty: We can continue playing in your dreams, without fear of anything, just don’t die and survive.

    Mr. Leopard: I always hated humans, but you proved to be different, I even learned to value you, you always showed strength and courage, this is not your moment to die, you still have many things to known and learn.
    Now our power is yours and you can use it as you please. Now shows that our strength cannot be overcome if we are together, show your Strength!!

    Everything went dark...

    I woke up and the man with the knife was already very close to me. I felt a surprising strength. With a little effort i broke the ropes. I felt the strength of Mr. Bear. The man, with fear, ran away and came back with more people with weapons they started to point at me and with a great hatred I screamed of anger, with an impressive speed, I ran to where they were and began to kill them one by one.

    My wounds healed faster than their shots hurt me. After finishing with them, I made a jump breaking the ceiling of that room and observe the festival where they were using the skin of my friends as trophies. I jumped from that ceiling and went to the festival, I felt as if I floated.
    I watched reddish wings grow from my back, dripping blood, flying with great anger, I started killing all those people who enjoyed what my pain had caused me so much, and finally I grabbed that damn girl and flew out with her and Let her fall from a great height and listening as her screams faded with a thud...
    Without looking back I walked away, knowing that my friends would always be with me, but with great sadness and hatred in my heart...

    Since then I started killing people because humans are the least valuable thing in this world, always killing without sense...

    My reason now is to exterminate them no matter what. That's the only thing my heart wish and nothing more.
    Using the strength that my friends gave me, I will finish with this plague.
    Why the Black Mage should choose me? I do not know, my only reason is to eliminate all the existence of the world and he has a very similar thought I do not know his story but I think it could be a great help to fulfill his mission..
    Phrase: Along with the spirits of my friends, who will always be by my side, I know that nothing and no one can defeat me and if they try they will see Our Darkness, My Darkness!! And when they realize they will not be able to escape!!!

    My strongest skill? With the spirits of my friends I can heal quickly from attacks, with the healing of Kitty and the combination of Fury and Grudge of Mr. Bear, along with the speed of Mr. Leopard, and with the ability to fly of Miss Eagle, They can create the most deadly skill that anyone could ever have imagined.