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  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    Name: Aysun

    Introduction: Great One, it would be an immense honor if I were to become one of your commanders. It has been my desire to rid Maple World of its parasitic inhabitants so that my people & I can finally live in tranquility. For too long, the people of Maple World have caused numerous tragedies with their never-ending selfishness & stupidity. While there is much I could talk about myself, I won’t waste your precious time & will keep this resume as short as possible.

    Tragic backstory: Despite my parents being humans, I was born with goat-like horns & six feathery wings. My parents once told me that their ancestors were monsters, so that would explain my appearance. That, along with the ability to manipulate shadows & summon creatures from them, was enough justification for the people of my home village to ostracize us. Things worsened when a rumor about my parents selling their souls to a powerful demon to have an all-powerful child were spreading. It didn’t matter to me how it started because it was enough to force my parents & I to migrate to a village in El Nath. As cheesy as this sounds, I befriended four children name Melissa, Marshall, Jackson, & Harley (all of whom have special powers as well). My dear grandma, who lived in another village close to ours, was well known for running a massive library filled with numerous magic books. My friends & I agreed to go to said library & hone our skills (& gain any new ones if we can). There, we met even more children like us & over time, we formed the El Nath Force. Word of our special powers & heroic deeds had reached to Ereve & a representative of Empress Aria was sent to recruit us all into a special program that would allow our powers to grow immensely. My friends & I thought that this was our chance to prove Maple World our worthiness to live. To us, it would’ve been an immense honor to meet & work alongside the leaders of this vast world as well as the heroes. How wrong we all were. Everyone, including myself, were taken to this bleak building deep within Leafre. The brutal experiments against us began. I know not what happened to my closest friends, but I was mentally & physically abused by many scientists in hopes that my mind would allow me to summon powerful monsters from the darkest depths of Maple World. Fast forward to us being young adults, we were considered ready to serve Empress Aria. Hoping that the pain would end, we performed our duties while being in her vast army. The pain didn’t stop. Everyone that wasn’t in our group considered us as freaks & overworked us since we were the strongest unit. One day, Empress Aria was assassinated by one of your commanders & we quickly left Ereve. Once we’ve escaped our tormentors, we began to wonder who the leader of this group would be, what would it be called, & where would our base be. I, being the strongest & wisest member, was chosen to be the leader, &, after much debate, have decided to name the new group the Mortem Alliance. After appointing my friends to be my commanders, we created our base in an unexplored area of the continent, Edelstein. Our first mission was to gather anyone within Maple World who have suffered like us & shared the same hatred for Maple World as we did. Our second (& current) mission is inflicting as much pain as possible to Maple World’s inhabitants.

    Current appearance: I have pale skin along with short, curly, & black hair. My seraphim wings & goat horns are now black as I’ve fully embraced the darkness. I wear a black Victorian dress with long sleeves, a medium-length skirt, a tail, & a lace corset collar (the collar looks something like this: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/536632111841797708/?lp=true). The accessories I use are a wristlet with black pearls & two blood-red roses, a matching necklace, a pair of black lace gloves, & a decorated blood-red rose eye patch. My weapon of choice is an elegant, black parasol with a sharp tip.

    • I can manipulate shadows & summon creatures within them. I can also use said shadows to pull my enemies into an endless world of darkness & have them tainted enough to control them.
    • I can read anyone’s minds. This allows me to create a creature from the darkness that would leave them struck with fear.
    • I can teleport anywhere I wish to go instantaneously.
    • I can create portals.
    • I can use my parasol to protect myself from numerous attacks, especially non-physical ones.
    • My great wisdom & power allows me to lead a massive army of powerful beings.

    Reasons why I’m qualified to become a Black Mage commander:
    • The Mortem Alliance has powerful beings from all over Maple World, thus we can make strategically plan attacks on our enemies.
    • The Mortem Alliance has powerful members with a variety of skills. Some have super strength, bear different forms of psychic abilities, have super speed, etc. We’re aware that it is best to be diverse so that we can fulfill our tasks with ease. We’ve also pledged our loyalty to you, oh Great One, so worry not about the possibility of betrayal.
    • I have a brilliant plan to weaken the Alliance. I’ve mentioned in my tragic backstory that my people & I were experimented on in a building deep within Leafre. I plan to use this building & everything within it to reveal to the Alliance that Empress Aria & Cygnus are the vilest rulers in existence.

    Conclusion: Oh, Great One, I hope you choose me as one of your commanders, The Mortem Alliance & I will do anything to please you, including sacrificing our own members. Even if don’t choose me to be a commander, I hope we can form an alliance. No matter what, we shall support you.