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  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    The black mage is having a conversation with a possible new general, and few others waiting in line. As out of nothing a bunch of arrows enters the room through the big open door and land in the back of the possibly new interns. They fall flat on the ground “Sorry!!” You hear from the hallway as shortly after a hooded figure in an old raggedy cape enters the room. “They always have a mind of their own as they have left my bow. They just never miss. But don’t worry.” He removes his hood. Revealing a young elven man with long dark orange hair in a long ponytail and a red blindfold covering his eyes. “As long as I wear this” He point to the blindfold. “They won’t be dead…” He looks at the unconscious body’s “…or at least I hope they're not that weak.” He then kneels in front of the black mage. “But I beg my pardon for not introducing myself. Cune Riset at your serves. Hunter of knowledge and truth.” Cune stands up. “I’ve lived many years now in this world and have seen many things. I’ve studied them myself. I take nothing for granted and want to learn it myself before I believe it. That’s why I have come to you, my lord. The world is ready for war and is divided into two groups. Every monster, villager and even adventurer of mapleworld is taking its spot in one of the two possibilities sides. Yours, and…” Cune stops mid-sentence to take a step to the left.

    A shield crashes through the ground he was standing on. “Ohhh?” Cune says without turning his head. “It seems good men wish to be on your side my liege.” As a figure stands up again with still arrows in his back. “It’s ashamed he interfered me.” While turning around Cune quickly pulls the string of his bow multiple times. Each time he does a different color transmit between the bow and its string. From fiery red, ice blue, lighting yellow and many others. All hitting the unfortunate figure that managed to stand up again. “Such predictable.” Cune says while jumping up in the air as two figures slashing through the previously occupied place where he was standing. “I saw you already coming from miles away. Even you.” As he looks into an empty space. “You better reveal yourself. Nothing escapes my sight. I won’t go easy on you if you don't reveal yourself right now.” Nothing happens. “Alright. As you three wishes.” Cune lifts up the left side of the blindfold revealing one of his eyes. A rainbow-colored aura start emanating from it. "Let's give you guess a little taste of my power." In an instant, Cune pulls the string from his bow and shoot a firey arrow into the ground. As the temperature noticeably start rising the ground starts glowing red. As two of the three jumps in time, the third one burns to asses. "Hmm not bad." Cune says. "But what about this?" Cune starts pulling on the string again, and a white-yellow colored arrow starts appearing while the fire from the ground starts absorbing. Pulling toward the bow. As soon as Cune release the string. A lightning bolt fills up the whole room. A second one collapses. "That's two. And now you man of invisibility." Cune looks at an empty space in the room. A rogue turns visible with doubt in his eyes. He starts running. "No fun..." Cune says while firing a blue arrow. It hits the running man in the back and turns him to ice.

    “As I said, I don’t take thing for granted." Says Cune while turning to the Black Mage again "So, I have spoken to many people, have read many books and have seen too many places. Including ‘The Great Temple in the forest of peace’ and ‘Grand Athenaeum’. After seeing the truth, myself I knew you were right from the start" Cune cover his eye with the blindfold. "You will make a better world. And I would like to stand at your side to fight for the greater good, a new world.”