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  • Frenzy totem.

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    the items like frenzy,BoD should be fully removed.
    we get it you whales did gamble and spend $$ to get it and you got your reward (lvls,rankings,mesos,first/speed boss runs...)

    but its enough of that we know money can get that we aint stupid and its not makeing the game any better
    if you guys just PAY your way insted of PLAY the game whats the point ?

    why do you guys want those broken items ingame? flex? clap clap you made it with your wallet

    just go in a freaking casino or something if you want gamble with your money
     get some help if you are so adicted

    Saying stuff like this is just kind of pointless. Why discourage spending other people spending money? People play a game how they enjoy it. If they want to do end-game bosses, but want to speed up the process of getting there, they will pay. If they want to look nice and cute, they will pay. It doesn't matter if somebody pays to play the game, in fact they are supporting Nexon and the servers you're playing on, and even though they aren't the best quality, what are you doing for Nexon as a free-to-play player? You can play free-to-play all you want and that's great. Other people have fun in their games in other ways, though. If it comes through spending money, then so be it. And you shouldn't shame them for spending money, because whether it's "worth it" or not to spend money ultimately comes down to them. Besides, why get all fussy about someone else spending THEIR money?

    its not about spending money on cosmetic in the game or other ways of support ... its about that p2w gamble (buying and wanting broken items to play the game and reach goal advantage over other with $ instead of play)
    frenzy totem,BoD,Firestarter Ring,White Cubes,Violet Cubes,Lucid's Ear,X scrolls... does that unfair advantage

    ruins free to play players motivation and their accomplishments become pointless because $$ gets it done with no efort or skill knowledge
    and i know you say" why dont you buy aswell ?" and we go in loop
    are we going to become broken like TMS or try keep some bearable low p2w system

    This is irrelevent to the topic my guy, however as a somewhat successfull buisnessman my time is worth more then spending a few hundred $ to speed up the process, that is how i play the game, also just pointing it out, you can buy those items with mesos too from the right seller you know this right?
    like i said this is offtopic please dont continue this argument.
    In regards to fury being introduced...its not as good as a frenzy, so again i suggest making it equally powerful or nerfing frenzy.

    Can we please get a mod to respond by the way somehow?


    its relevant you are asking for broken item to come back or make other broken items same like that or more broken then they are ...
    when we can just get those things removed and our mob spawn fixed to be decent without kanna 2pc meta or p2w gamble items

    i dont care if you are successfull buisnessman or you just use your parents card
    p2w gamble and requesting broken items does not make maple better or any other game that made those things

    as of
    you can buy those items with mesos too from the right seller you know this right?

    you know so dam well that buying those items with meso its crazy "impossible" to trade
    who is going to sell frenzy for meso when frenzy is meso makeing machine? ( even when it was inside philo/marvel it wasnt near being "cheap")

    maplers with frenzy+htr sell service and make bilions meso
    they wont sell that buisnes outside of RWT breaking rules

    you know this so good but you dont care you just want nexon to add it back so you can take advantage of how broken is compared to all other things
    and maybe at end do RWT with it like other do and leave the game

    Dude, I think you are confused.
    Im with you on this one, i want the frenzy issue resolved, increase spawn rate and remove frenzy? Sure...make fury as good? Yes, make it availible for everyone? Also yes.
    This item is being abused and is unobtainable, that is the issue.
    it needs to be addressed.
    Are you even reading my posts?

    you started asking like why frenzy its not in marvel/philo
    then the next day you said how you got other items obtained yourself with money and how is not issue for you to get more so you want get frenzytotem aswell
    then how you are a somewhat successfull buisnessman my time is worth more then spending a few hundred $ to speed up the process, that is how i play the game

    so yes i did read
    frenzy totem ,fury totem ,kish-2pc meta should be removed and good base spawn for all no other shortcut for $$,p2w or what ever you name it

    dosnt matter who you are and how much money you want spend its not about that ( right now sadly its about that how much money you spend you get better at rankings etc etc)

    and this issue cant be addressed in any other way
    either be broken like in TMS or make it clean and get rid of it for all

    I dont really care how they address this, the fact that frenzy is being abused and is currently unavailible is plain stupid.
    Something needs to be done, that is my whole argument.
  • Kanna old Kishin

    Make frenzy availible to everyone again,
    This is ridiculous.
  • Frenzy totem.

    Maplestory earned 290million$ in 2019," the servers cant handle it" is nonsense.
    Hacked? Track the "hacked" ones and get rid of em.

    How does this affect people getting them legitimately? Either turn them into a "perm" fury version or release them to the masses.
    By the way this comes from a person that can afford one on the black market, i just refuse to do so.
    I have a perm hyper rock, perm pend, BoD, outlaws, broids etc...obtained by myself, i want the ability to obtain one legitimately that is all.

    Anyway in conclusion this must be addresed somehow, better servers? Maybe, nerf them into a perm fury version? I dont know.

    This item gives insane advantage in higher levels,
    cockblocking the whole community from obtaining one is ridiculous, and the excuses borderline childish.

  • Frenzy totem.


    Dear nexon,

    Could you please explain to people why the hell frenzy totems are not included in marvel machine, or philo books?
    Are you that ignorant and do not see what is going on with the black market? Why would you release an item and then block the entire community from obtaining it?

    The power creep argument you gave is flawed in so many ways, if you truly do not like the frenzy totem power creep, either nerf it into a fury version or make fury totem equally powerful.
    This whole thing makes absolutely no sense.