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November 13, 1994
  • Exp coupons for 275

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    I've been able to use coupons post 250 for awhile now. Not sure when that happened.

    He's talking about the cash shop coupons
  • Aggregated Suggestion List for a Better MapleStory

    I originally posted this on Reddit to get input from the community over there and now I want yours. Feel free to criticize anything on this list but remember this is for the betterment of the game for all of us. You can find the original post here.

    Suggestions Nexon Global Could Implement

    Community Favorites

    Bring back a way to earn pottable badges or at least make the ones we have transferable within your own account

    Make almost everything transferable within your account. ex: Lucid Droplets, event items, growth potions, chairs, medals, etc.

    Fix the memory leak issue

    Fix Jett

    Fix the bot catcher and auto ban system - daruuza

    Reopen the Tespia Server and add incentive to find bugs

    Have all Game Masters actually play the game (this could be as simple as an hour a day during their normal work hours)

    Update the character ranking page to be more detailed and streamlined - PeeSock


    Add more chat functions such as letters from other regions. ex: åäö - E1336

    Update the chat filter to ignore censored words made up of two separate words. ex: if you type "symbols in" you get "sym**** *n" I don't even know what a bolsi is

    Add an option turn off the chat filter completely

    Add an option for chat timestamps - DoubleKillGG

    Bring back world notifications when players do something impressive similarly to when Horn Tail or Pink Bean used to get defeated.

    Allow typing in other languages - DiximaN

    Suggestions Nexon Korea Could Implement


    Switch buffs that have a 100% up-time to passive skills. ex: Maple Warrior, Weapon Booster

    Reduce the cast time of 5th job decent skills

    Add the ability to macro 5th job decent skills

    Remove the daily link skill transfer limit - Orange-Army

    Increase the amount of link skills you can use at once, even if just by two


    De-bug Hard Lotus and Hard Damien

    Change Hard Lotus' ground lightning to a map attack instead of a boss attack so binds don't delay the lightning

    Add the option to choose which phase you want to practice on in practice mode - AxelChannel

    Remove the clear count from bosses like Chaos Root Abyss where your party clears after you have died out/disconnected - AxelChannel

    Remove the requirement to kill each Root Abyss boss 10 times before being able to take on the Chaos versions - Reburn99

    Automaic RP gain when killing bosses rather than completing the Cash Shop quest - AkkiMylo

    Cash Shop

    Make MVP rewards selectable day to day. If you're paying $300 a month to keep a rank, you should be able to choose your rewards.

    Make the cash shop accessible to all characters on an account regardless of class. Why should you be cut off from your own cash items?

    Make all cash equips unisex - VeraDicere

    Change the Arcane River Express Pass from Maple Points to Reward Points

    Increase the RP Daily/Monthly limit during events like Maple Relay


    Make all same items stackable

    Revert the buff freezer, safety charm, and respawn tokens bought from Matilda to permanent items until used

    Make Arcane Symbols and Droplets drop past Esfera

    Add an option to open all stackable items at once. ex: Nodestones, Symbol Selectors - MrYonax


    Allow gear to be moved throughout your own account in Reboot - Echochamber52, Relevantie, chaoscauser, Orange-Army, anquore

    Re-scale monster HP in Non-KMS maps in Reboot to be more in line with the rest of the game - CTL17

    Make Zero available in Reboot - Gamer63200

    Fix the Reboot drop table so only equips for your job drop - chaoscauser


    Expand how many items your pets can ignore

    Make all buffs persist through disconnections

    Add a way to remove unwanted quests from the Maple Mailbox lightbulb

    Make all cut scenes skippable

    Change the burning field mechanic to reset the burning fall off timer when a FireStarter Ring is used. ex: Currently if you have a field at 90 burning with 5 minutes until it drops to 80 and a FSR is casted, the field will drop from 100 to 90 after 5 minutes rather than 15

    Make the captcha when activating runes/herbs/minerals more visible. They're almost impossible to see sometimes especially if you're colorblind

    Remove the need to input your PIC while working on nodes

    Add "select all" features for disassembling nodes. ex: "All Level 1 boost nodes not in use"

    Add a way to switch between characters faster than logging in and out

    Update the Monster Codex

    Finish the 1920 x 1080 Resolution

    Add Dailies/Weeklies/PQs for Droplets/Symbols for characters past level 250 - Koen

    Bring back party play zones like Hall of Honor and Lion Heart Castle - Koen

    Add incentives to actually do party quests - dress-to-depress, bdo7boi

    Remove Gloom's attacks in moonbridge maps - AxelChannel

    Add a toggle/slider for window transparency while in combat - Fthku

    Remove teleport delay on Explorer mage classes - Fthku, vio133

    Add a medal holder similar to chair and soul bags - semperhijack

    Keep MVP buffs after disconnecting like exp coupons do - 1000Dragon

    Ability to toggle on and off on windows that pop up when logging on as well as add a save state to those windows. ex: Reward Points, Guide, News - E1336

    While enhancing items, have safeguard be checked by default and only unchecked manually - IrresistablePizza

    Remove the meso gain penalty when above a certain level - BanksterWolf

    Nerf the Messenger of Darkness - HarbingerConquest, aso888

    Add a function for searching all characters for items instead of logging on to each one - TheInactiveWall

    Remove crafting cooldown; fatigue is a good enough limiting system - MrYonax

    Same-sex marriage - JordynSoundsLikeMe

    Equip template pages like the Legion System - Eight111, MrYonax

    Expand the job change function to more classes - Faithfullee

    Fix channel changing to require only one try - de1nquency, Milanmachine

    Add a worldwide party finding system for bosses, PQs, etc - everboy8
    Restock the Gollux shop, possibly monthly or quarterly - AxelChannel

    Add the player housing system from other versions - caoscauser