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  • Remove Maple tour from Reboot

    BobbyWeave wrote: »
    In reboot it doesn't matter if other players get stronger more quickly. There's zero competition or economy that would cause other players to be hurt by p2w players success. Besides, the only "competition" in Reboot is dojo, guild pq, flag race, and guild honor ranking. The latter two are not effected by how strong you are and the former two wouldn't be effected by the tiny amount of meso from maple tour. ~70b a year or whatever pittance it is for 7 maple tours every day of your life is a drop in the bucket compared to what an arcana farmer gets you.

    Even if this were true, that's not the point. The point of Reboot isn't to eliminate "competition" between players (I'd argue most competition in Maplestory is self imposed anyway. It's not a PVP game). Reboot is meant to create an environment where working for your gains is your only option, and paying real money doesn't provide any substantial shortcuts. Maple tour undermines that.
  • Issues and Server Instability during DMT 7/4

    While I understand that Nexon might be working out the best course of action to address this, resulting in the delay in a compensation announcement we're all waiting for, what makes no sense is "We are experiencing a higher volume of players than anticipated for the event."

    This is why everyone thinks Nexon doesn't actually play the game and is disconnected from the playerbase. Log on to Reboot for any time limited event like 2x or DMT and you'll see that the servers are bursting at the seams from the sheer number of players. There's a line between expected lag during those events and people getting error messages left and right, people being unable to leave their maps, channels crashing, the entire game crashing, and people being unable to log in because of "the server is full" or "this ID is already logged in" popups.

    If Reboot had been relatively lag free and less populated the last few months or so then yes, this would be unexpected. But the players saw this coming. We see it coming every time there's an event that requires large amounts of people log in at the same time. How did Nexon not see this coming? This lack of foresight wouldn't have happened if Nexon knew how packed the servers are, especially during events.

    And while we're on the subject can we remove those miracle time blessing messages? All they do is clog up the chat and add to the lag. No one cares about them and they don't add anything valuable.
  • 2020 DMT Suggestions, Feedback and Request

    HalbBlut wrote: »
    1. For those who say this is "unacceptable" - go pay for quality you entitled swine!

    NA Reboot doesn't generate enough revenue to justify more/better servers - if you want the issue resolved? Spend NX!

    We do though. There are so many mvp players on Reboot who spend a lot of money on cosmetics, myself included. I would actually spend MORE if they changed out the face choice/hair coupon selections more often, or added more options.

    Unlike reg servers, the only way to get a lot of NX quickly in Reboot is to spend money. Unless you merch in reg servers, buy maple points with mesos, then spend those maple points in Reboot but hardly anyone does that.

    It's absolutely false that people in Reboot don't spend money. People like myself would just prefer to avoid the temptation to spend money on character progression, and would rather spend it on making my characters look nice. Given that there is no shortage of people decked out in NX on Reboot, I'd say many others share that sentiment. When you factor in that Reboot is so densely populated, it's hard to believe the server doesn't make enough money.

    With that being said though, this is still unacceptable even if people on Reboot never spent anything. This is still a playerbase that deserves a working product. But, given that people Reboot do actually spend quite a lot of money, that makes it worse.
  • DMT on Reboot

    People can't even move or CC, let alone cube.
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    Lostx wrote: »

    HS Mules not fixed and not compensated for - Decent HS already had existed for 6+ months, there was no compensation for the nerf to Holy symbol.

    AFK Leeching not fixed - All you have to do now is hold down the attack button now, no compensation added.

    You seem to be giving natural game progression reductions to allow newer players to focus on current content as one of the "Fixes" but... that's not a fix for that.

    Burning Fields was an attempt to make other maps have more of an incentive to train at instead of crowding one map.

    The AFK exp events are literally there for people that work/school while that might be some of the reason for AFK leeching, it's not all of them.

    Other things not actually compensated for
    -Drop rate nerfs
    -Node droprate nerfs in VJ only
    -Loss of a Badge
    -Lab server BONUS legion pieces
    - HS Nerf
    - Party Meso nerf
    - the near countless amount of times that Emobs/bosses suddenly go from dropping flames, MCCs, cubic blades, etc into dropping almost nothing

    We have free 2x/1.5x coupons from monster park sundays, legion exp coupons and growth potions, craftable exp potions, monster park yellow exp potions, and free spirit pendants from fairy bros and event shops. We absolutely have compensation for the HS nerf because those things help bridge the exp gap between training with HS and training without it.

    I consider AFK leeching to be mostly fixed because there aren't nearly as many people doing it nowadays, partly because people no longer feel the need to AFK leech at all and if they want to get exp when AFK they can go to the dojo training center or use an AFK event. To be honest, AFK leeching didn't deserve a workaround in my opinion. Why should you get exp if you aren't even playing the game? However, people would've thrown a fit without some way to get exp while AFK, so I mentioned that at least they provided a way to get around not being able to fully leech off someone.

    And you seem to not understand that reducing the progression in early game is what balances out the removal of party play hunting and the HS nerf. They don't have to say 'this is to compensate for X nerf' in the patch notes for it to have a positive, balancing side effect. I agree burning fields were intended to reduce crowding in popular maps, but it has an added benefit of softening the blow of not having HS if you find a burning field. Same with AFK events. No, it's not explicitly stated anywhere that places you can AFK to get exp were introduced to combat AFK leeching, but it is one of the benefits.

    I agree those other things need to be looked at, besides the HS nerf because we literally have a decent HS 5th job node, but that's not the point of this thread. The point of the thread is that kishin is broken as a skill and toxic to the meta, similar to how HS mules were before the major nerf. Nexon's claim that nerfing it is for the sake of balance is a load of bull because there's nothing on the other side of the equation to balance the nerf. Myself and many others would rather see this skill removed entirely and have the base spawn rate increased instead.