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  • Kish nerf is worse than you think

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    mapler6 wrote: »
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Strongest class ingame by far gets a well-deserved nerf, everybody goes apeshit

    Are you illiterate?
    The strongest class in the game didn't get a nerf. Everyone got a nerf, while the strongest class in the game got even stronger.
    Right off the bat you see that kish now has another 200% damage. If this stacks with the node boost, it's even more. This makes it easier to one shot with kish, pushing meso rates higher while giving even more free damage to bosses.
    Then there's the increase in damage to orochi, which is just more free damage.
    Then there's lowering of requirements for shikigami doppleganger, which also is a 4th job skill with 5% boost per node level, giving even more free damage.
    Then there's the most egregious of all, a free DOT on shikigami charm, which is EVEN MORE free damage!
    But wait!!! there's even more!!! A 90% SLOW ON THAT DOT, THAT LASTS FOR 6 SECONDS.
    They literally took IL's slow, from a class at the bottom of the DPS charts, that switches to FP/Bishop for bossing, and put it on a class that can't be stunned half the time thanks to foxfire.
    There's no reason not to play kanna now.
    I wouldn't even be surprised if you could take your nodes off and spam shikigami and have a 1 hour duration kishin after this patch.

    Hi there single-post-new-account. Tell me more about how the one class that can lock down an entire map with near zero effort is not the strongest class.

    I don't feel like you even read his comment.
    He's not saying that Kanna isn't strong, he's saying that it didn't get nerfed.
    The kishin nerf affects everyone except for Kanna players, who can most likely keep kishin up while farming.
    Minimizing the gap between Kanna and other classes? Sure, I'm a Kanna main and I would like that, but that Kishin nerf does the complete opposite.
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    What are the reasons behind the Kishin changes?
    What are those changes supposed to achieve?
    How are they minimizing the gap between Kanna and other classes?