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  • Please do something with kanna and hayato

    Akiro wrote: »
    I main kanna while my brother mains hayato. We've been playing these two classes since they came out. I used to be on par with him, but after the kanna revamp, it's pretty apparent that kanna is just flashier, and has more damage output. I feel bad that hayato and kanna have such a large gap because who doesn't want to see a badass op samurai. Here are some of my criticisms for hayato:

    -The skills feel underwhelming compared to other classes and not cohesive (imo)
    -The dichotomy of boss mode and farming mode is a little awkward because farming mode is trivial when bossing, and bossing mode is trivial when farming. Having this setup actually feels like playing two separate classes, but not like luminous, zero, or dawn warrior.
    -Hayato's crit rate is horrendous
    -Hayato's range gap is horrendous
    -I feel like developers are pushing for the usage of shinsoku but I don't know if anyone uses it (it should be like modern day vanquisher's charm the utility and damage mwah)
    -The trinodes?? Why do the inferior forms of rai blade flash and rai sanrenzan even existtt

    Sorry if this came across offensive to any satisfied hayato mains (I only have a 140 hayato for link) I know I'm bad at articulating. If you disagree, maybe my brother is just using hayato incorrectly? If so please link a guide. I just believe that a class that embodies SAMURAI is sadly underwhelming compared to his sengoku sister counterpart. Ayame would be disappointed.

    Everyone except the producer knows that hayato lacks lines. The 10b cap makes it upper limit very low. I doubt if the producer really plays this game, they "reduce the gap between kanna and other classes" by giving kanna another burst skill as well as higher damage.