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  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    I rest a few days ... and I am impressed by these changes ... Kishin is pathetic ... pathetic ... pathetic ... in use ... how is it possible? 30sec and 50cd and chance of increase by nightghost in duration 5 sec to luck depending on the effect? whoever makes these ridiculous ... better eliminate the .. skill at once ... practically it's a 5 job skill ... but useless

    why NEXON doesn't disable kanna like it does with zero and bt in seasons? why not fix your anti hacking system ... poor .. absurd ... why? they have to have hackers in the game for the economy and instability ... because the economy of this game is terrible, they can ban all hackers and boots but the company has lent itself to be an unstable game with these, there is ? sure .. but they don't want to act

    Why don't mobs increase spawn in all areas, and areas where you don't train, no mobs spawn? , so easy and simple, but .... but ... the company does not suit these things, even an idea of ​​a kindergarten child is better than the ideas in these last memos that have partially ruined the game, in the end neither nerf totems, kishin helped in anything and worse not even with 30 channels ... people are not robots and people expect a re update of the game in its total maintenance and good decisions, which crazy ideas will come later against progress of player?

    30sec kishin with 50cd ... xd
  • Remove Kishin

    other stupid thread ...a great solution.....
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    I would have been fine with a kanna nerf, so long as there was some kind of compensation on spawn rate overall in some way. no .. instead what we get is a nerf to kishin and fury totem, a rename of fury totem to wild totem, and a whopping 10% decrease in the price. .. fantastic memo ... another all around nerf to everyone and everything except frenzy disguised as a rework. Disgusting? yes .. nexon is time for the company to sell the game to one that really cares about the players and the perfect state of the game GMS ISNT KMS ...

  • Major Lag Spikes

    im having huge lag spikes in ms every 20 seconds to more in the play, where everything appears to play in super slowmo and the sound becomes dissoriented too. I think it's happening because the cpu usage of ms jumps from like 20% to 100% every 20 seconds for some reason. This never happened to me, but now in this last events ...is terrible too have freezes in my screen but my task manager explot in the use elevate of this game , god fix this