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  • Remove the Sol Erda Cap

    this is becoming Stone Age Update, or how some people is calling it, Sewage update, Nexon needs to start playing Maplestory, Remove Daily cap, doesn't matter if people don't grind all day everyday, but give us the option to do it if we decide to make it happen, DO NOT nerf boxes different from kms, nexon do update their game trying to get gms closer to kms but then they nerf it even worst, hopping community and their players say nothing about it, no wonder current CEO is stepping out of his postilion? its a question; we need ring boxes to have iqual chance to kms at least, or provide another way to aquire such boxes, that would make up for it. instance maps are a bad idea, cause that starts shifting the game into more of a solo 100% game, next time you know we wont be able to even do bosses with our friends, please nexon start playing your game Maplestory
    remove that daily cap where you can only get certain amount of sol erda as well
    also remove the code in the game where if you lose conection even for 1 second the game disconects you from it right away, which makes it frustrating since many people uses wifi, and also makes it for you to lose all your buffs, they already codes so we don't lose wealth acquisition potion, why cant you make it so you dont lose any buff?
  • Censorship Suggestion.... Round 3 Extended!

    Okhura wrote: »
    Hey Maplers!

    Round 3 of the Censorship Suggestion is still here, and the Community team is still collecting words and sentences to be improved in the censor!

    Please post in this thread any words or sentences which make conversation difficult and require reviewing, I have added those suggested in the previous Round 3 post below so read them before making a post!
    It's good to remember the word in context. Is the word you're suggesting censored because it's part of a bad word? If so, give example words that aren't bad - we may need to add those to the whitelist.

    Thank you in advance!
    - Maple Community Team

    Previously suggested words
    • cipa
    • pinga
    • graine
    • unei
    • anal
    • peido
    • manyi
    • teman
    • fesse
    • drule
    • yiwan
    • tacha
    • monmo
    • ricain
    • meco
    • maplestorysh
    • besta
    • ginar
    • picio
    • kitou
    • perse
    • skede
    • spast
    • cholar
    • sesso
    • asstr
    • lappi
    • semusi


    Why did you create a new thread? Wouldn't have been easier to just keep the same one going?

    The VFM who previously handled the censorship suggestion thread has left the team and I will be taking over the posting.
    We decided to make it a separate post from the Round 1 and 2 posts to encourage players that we are still working on the censor and for the various Nexon teams to see only the words that are still an issue. Many words from the previous rounds have been removed already and a new thread stops the discussion from getting cluttered.

    Do you have an ETA for when new words will be removed?

    Not at the moment, we are collecting feedback weekly though.

    Can we have a toggle? We keep suggesting this!

    The suggestion to add a toggle to the censor has already been passed on. We understand that many players want this but please keep this thread for reporting words and sentences that need to be looked at.

    Maplestory should completely remove censorship, is not task of them to correct or make us quiet, its our parents, the thing they should do its when somebody insults in a really bad manner to others, but that comes in a different way, not with censoring ship words that makes a game based in typing more difficult to communicate with others. sorry if my english is so bad not first language but the point its just remove censorship Nexon...