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  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    This memo shows once again that Nexon is not playing the game and not listening to the community concerns.

    The Kishin/Totem nerf will make frenzy overpowered and give a massive advantage to all the owners while causing a disadvantage if you don't own one.

    The reward points price for the totem is way too expensive and the monthly limitation is too low (there should not be any limitation).

    In my opinion, Nexon should not implement this change because it will create an even bigger gap between the players.

    I'm maining a Kanna, mainly because I like the spells and Kishin, and I would not mind if I had to do something to keep up 100% uptime on Kishin so less people will use Kishin mules.

    What should be done is :

    Don't nerf the kishin/totem spawn rates as it will make a bigger gap with frenzy.
    Keep the Nightghost guide to increase the duration of Kishin so it will nerf the 2 PC meta.
    Reduce the cost of the Fury totem even more, to something like 500-1000 reward points and increase/remove the monthly buying limitation.

    With these changes, more people will be able to use the free totems will leveling, less people will use the 2 PC Meta because it won't be 100% uptime and Frenzy totems services won't ruin the economy.

    I know Nexon will probably not listen to the community as always, and if they keep going in the same direction, a lot of the playerbase will just stop playing after