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  • Maplestory still healthy ?

    hahhaa Healthy , fine ?, the game is peace and love? is the best 2d game today? blah blah blah blah blah .... hypocritical as always ... people who speak well when something is wrong and worse these days ... they watch and speak .. wow! the game is fine, the servers are full, there are people playing !! awww !! , I have my friends and my fans ... and someone out there without importance ... pathetic ... pathetic ... they only see their world but not the game in general ... they are the classic conformists, they go down head and not see that the game today is a disaster! , a total disaster ... starting from the contrary ideas from the bigbang patch ... from petty events for money for the company ... the technical aids and services from time to time the player, little by little was fading away .. little interest in the bugs and problems of the game in each maintenance ... hackers ... boots ... bugs ... the old dupes and today possible ....

    the poor technical service to a game launcher abosoleto .. very poor ... the old game launcher was better .. but of course .. the antihacking system a ridicules ... 0 of importance to the crashers ... 0 importance of automatic dc, unexpected closings ... one to enter the game has to cross himself to today ... now with the last dmt ... worse .... who is to blame today? Kanna? Like Anna in his crazy world of blaming the problem of a game on a job? furry totems? for example .. those problems are a ridiculous nonsense with the last problems days ago

    the game is very bad that even sunny sunday lagea has caused many problems, the sunny sunday logo for a 2d game entry, they cannot remove this or fix it, if they can, but they wait for the next maintenance or when they want to fix something bad or keep destroying something good in the game

    people are or what? look at the server is full .... what has this ... people hacker ... boots ... pc3 goals (thx anna for the nerf and great ideas for game stability .... thx ...) people escammer .. if now there are people who steal and in the game ... calm and relaxed ... but if bans unjustified .. claims not answered by the technical service ... tickets closed without seeing the case ... evidence of service technician before a ban ... ah .. you violated the terms and end ... not like that .. this doesn't work and it doesn't just happen here, in other forums and pages the essence of this game is about to go to recycling and it's the truth

    Seeing this type of posts, really annoying, not to mention the lag spikes ... the high memory consumption in the game ... the entire process that consumes this game and has years with many other problems mentioned, but nexon or The technical service has cared about this, what is the solution for them, a super pc and a good internet ... but the ridiculous thing is that they are the problem but you always have to blame one or divert the real problems with BAD DECISIONS AND JUST LOOK FOR YOUR BENEFIT, and ... GMS IS NOT KMS ANNA OR ANY NEXON MEMBER, each game is different ... but we already have a culprit now last A WRONG CODE INCRIPTED in the last dmt hahaha

    but for many people the game is perfect and healthy! if you have money in the game and you have invested clearly ... of course ... without any effort like others it is different ...
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    DarkDave wrote: »
    ruth02 wrote: »
    Ana looking to make the maplestory game the same as kms? yes, no more post in nerf ... delete kanna or remove kishin at once, remodel frenzy totem .... remove totems fury ... increase the base respawn in mobs in all the areas ... disappear the mobs in the areas where the characters are not training

    increase the channels to 30 at once ... if nexon applies this it is obvious that the increase in the popular areas will be greater if or if

    annihilated hs and priests in party, only bishops are now effective in party for lotus for up in bosses, pqs, training ... the same with beast tammers ... they were the most abused and worse with bugs ... now kishin .. It is time for these ridiculous memos to be more serious and also fix the game once it is the worst today in maintenance, bugs, delay. gamelauncher and the instability that is the real problem .. the malfunction but for money $$, a miracle comes, there many will smile at the company and more those who have purchased equipment. everything easy in the game, a technical service only to them, and those who do not have a dollar or do not have the necessary time in the game and worse, to play maple a super cpu .. a 2d game .... but anna and the technical service there total mutis

    don't worry they'll go right to that direction... nerfing kishin to 30% spawnrate or just deleting kishin and granting wild totem a 30% spawnrate

    you guys shouldn't even bother posting this things, they are not and will not listen to us ever in the duration of GMS or what is left of it
    BoredErica wrote: »
    I think they should make Kish a node skill so people are less pressured to have a Kanna. The current nerfs seem to hurt non-Kannas than Kannas, which just makes Kanna more essential. At this point I'd rather Kish be removed entirely than have to deal with any more weird changes. I'd rather not have to deal with any of this than to have to work with a jank Kish, where I suffer using but still feel obligated to use it to get the best rates. I'm personally okay with a slower game, even if it screws over so many people who haven't farmed much yet.

    This honestly feels like the worst possible timeline for me.

    Also, just stop making new classes and rebalance the old classes satisfactorily. If a class is to be OP, make it OP. Don't nerf it after people have sunk time into the characters. Of course they'd be upset.

    100 Agree with you , but Nexon and producers literally annihilated the game with these latest changes. from add masteria .. (wow hi anyone training here? oh yes server reboot to today booters blasters and kanna) .. gollux ... the worst .. basic ideas ..pressure people want a rewamp, if it was their right ..but nexon ruined something simple and remove the progress of medium and low progress players .. removing the old gollux coins and replacing them with new ones ... the entry in lvl 170 was an optical illusion xd ...., medium, intermediate and well ... with that increased hp, attack, def, 1 entry a day and the drop .. ... for the hell I'm going to go to gollux better I go to the AH or together my mesos is a farm less .. .maple tour ... ursus ... forgotten ... seriousness ok ... with maple and its bosses and changes ...

    and because these failures are mentioned, which are only miserable and some ... since if we count all of them up to ADELE's patch today ... it would be long .... as well as in reedit ... the good and the against and that can not be reversed because nexon did it

    if nexon hadn't released the ADELE patch and only had the patch and MEMO of nerf kanna-bt- untradeables cubes- furytotems but no changes to frenzy totem, zaz .. people were leaving the game, simple because you are annihilating reboot us eu ( eu worse ..) and also the other servers, but ANNA thought about it .. we give ADELE AND THE NERF AND KANNA AND ETC .... it is very easy to trick people to keep it in the game to get $$ of these and of course with this new Patch THE WINNERS ARE THE? WHALES .... IF THE WHALES .... people who have everything lvl, mesos, teams, have no life ... they are going to run bosses. streamers .. obviously also hacker people, people less mesos, buy .. with .. money, the 3 pc goal that nexon originated today you see the results ...

    .. one enters and looks WOW ... OMG ... the servers are full all the world is playing are 30 channels !!! ... those 30 shamans if they are full is because botters and hackers of different have already invaded everything and the channels are crashed as always if it is not 1 it is to another and the dc and lag and bugs continue ..

    So many and many servers checks and maintenance will come, but the memo where anna "we are going to be more these changes for greater stability of the game" nerf kanna furys, intradeables etc etc etc etc "did not help at all in the end, the game is the same , but worse things will come, here it cannot be shown ... but from the crown and the people return to the game it was the best. The disastrous changes made people leave the game again Kishin nodeskill should have been the solution to these problems a long time ago, but it is a 2d game and many people came to the head that kishin was the problem, when the game had years and years of their own problems, ok no nodeskill kishin, increase the respwan in the channels ok ... neither ... well when anna goes home and among others that if she thinks about the progress of all the players and company

    I really agree with all your points but one, is really really hard to keep it civil when Nexon. Clearly spits you on the face, not once but at every chance they got, is a mix of impotence, frustration and sadness to watch how they seek relentless to enrage the playerbase and kill the game little by little

    pdta : 6 dcs today .. 1 hard lotus phase 3 .. channels crashing ... Who can I blame for this? to kanna with kishin? , fury totems? , frenzys ?? oh all this ridiculous game that each memo promises better stability and in the end it is a total disaster and worse after each maintenance and worse the ideas of anna or part of the staff, years years years years years annihilating maplestory little by little

    agree whit u . today I have had 9 disconnections .. I play in elysium .. a totally dead server .. where everyone has equipment bought from whales in their majority .. I have good interest ... and I have a super computer in blah blah blah ram video blah blah blah and this 2d game. a 2d game have all these problems every maintenance, every patch, every month, years .. I don't care adele! I care about my progress, I care about playing with all the comforts, but this company and its latest changes and bad maintenance with decisions has reached the limit, and the nerfeo to the kanna does not matter to me because the kishin problem is not, it was a cheap excuse for kill progress to players who do not spend a lot of money on the game be in reboot and regular servers, I have been playing this game for 8 years, but that nexon and anna (maybe he is hunting kannas out there with a fairy catcher) have more logic in next changes or reverse ... that of the intradeable cube ... with that we see the decline of ms
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    before worrying about some changes in kanna and bt .. fix u game !!! anna! the game is too lag .... channels with crash .... instant dc ... bugs in anyones in skills .... fix u game launchers. It is incredible ... today I got 5 dc on my db ... and please ... if there is a change in the fury totems that is the same in frenzy totems .... nexon worry about everything and not just profit ...