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  • Nightghost Guide Suggestion/Request

    So as you know, farming with Kanna is now completely dependant on consistent procs of Nightghost Guide (NGG), there are a few things that I'd like to suggest to make this process easier for players.

    1. Fix the issue where jumping while casting abilities will not proc NGG. This includes jumping + shikigami haunting and jumping + exorcist's charm. PLEASE FIX THIS this would be such a huge improvement.

    2. Let tengu strike proc NGG. I believe the reason why it doesn't proc NGG is because it counts as a "summon" when it really shouldn't be.

    3. Make the extension 10 seconds instead of 5 maybe? As you know kishin duration cannot be extended more than once at a time, which means that after the initial 30s duration, you will be fishing for a NGG proc within that 5 seconds, which seems kind of short, and causes alot of cases where kishin would be dropped (especially due to the issues above).

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned btw.
  • Issues and Server Instability during DMT 7/4

    So.. nothing's going to be done about it?

    cube sale limitations
    4 cubes per hour..

    easily worst dmt yet
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  • Censorship Suggestion.... Round 3 Extended!

    I'm not gunna lie i was kinda excited cuz i thought this was a thread for extending the 3rd dmt round LOL

    what's the point of censoring all these weird words in a bunch of different languages that nobody knows? it's just a nuisance when people accidentally type them while trying to say something else.
  • DMT server issues were expected and preventable

    So I can't say this for sure as I have not experienced DMTs prior to this, but I feel like the entire design of this event was literally aimed to directly blow up the servers. LIKE ANYBODY could have saw this coming, who thought it was a good idea to have:
    -Cube sale 30 min before DMT
    -DMT only in 1 hour intervals

    Like why? Surely you guys know your servers CANNOT handle the large influx of players, so WHY design the event to bottleneck players to such short timespans????

    You have a limit on the cube sale anyways so why not just make DMT all day? or even all THREE days corresponding with the cube sale?

    Edit: I know you guys may not have 100% control on what to do but can we get at least SOME form of response from the CMs?