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  • Let's talk about the familiar situation

    I'll probably come out as someone who is salty for not taking the opportunity to farm Jr Boogies and Oda familiars when I've had the chance but I just want to get this off my chest.

    I've been fine with missing out on older content that allowed for people to progress faster such as pottable badges. However, this time feels different.

    When familiars were revamped in April, there was a bug where their drop rates were too high and epic tier familiars were giving out unique tier lines. The system was then taken down and was just brought back up today with a lower drop rate on all familiars and also epic familiars no longer giving unique tier lines.

    Now, players who exploited the bug got to keep their familiars and unique lines and while I could accept them keeping their familiars because they did spend the time, albeit a lot less time than it would take now, to farm for the familiars I am put off by them also keeping these extremely overpowered bonuses.

    This, in my opinion, is different from the pottable badge situation. While pottable badges did give players an advantage, the badges were at least once an intended mechanic in the game and the people who got them did not exploit a bug to get them.

    It is simply not fair that players can be leaps ahead because they exploited a bug in the game.

    Now I don't blame the people who exploited the bug to get these lines, you need to take every little advantage you can get, but I blame Nexon's handling of this situation. There are two different ways I could have seen Nexon dealing with the situation which I would see fair, either they could have reset familiars to a pre-revamped state and then reintroduced the revamp, or the could have reset the potential lines of all familiars added during the few days where people were getting their unique lines. Instead, Nexon makes you feel bad for missing out on taking advantage of those few days.

    In the end, the familiars and their potential lines gained from that timeframe were from an exploit and unintended, if not, then Nexon wouldn't have shut the system down so quickly and kept it down for 3 months.

    Maybe an even more creative solution could have been for Nexon to turn the bug into an event. Instead of hurriedly disabling the feature, give everyone a timeframe, like a month, where they can get familiars at an increased drop rate with unique tier potentials. Make it into an event where people could plan around while giving Nexon a time window to fix the bug, but that's a complete fantasy since that would be giving players too much of a sense of progression.

    TLDR: Nexon bad.