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  • DMT Issues 7/18

    Issues like this are why I keep leaving Maplestory. And sure a lot of people joke about those like me by saying we're just gonna be back later, but what you need to take into account is that our support will not return. Maybe I'll drop in after another few years again, so saying people like me won't need their accounts is tactless. The amount of money I spent years ago shows a clear, sharp decline. From hundreds spent in a year to just about $10-20 over the course of several years, repeated failures like this hurt Nexon on a financial level which will only push the decline of the game. From a player and an investor who has played since before fourth job was released, it makes no sense to invest the same amount of time and money when I can see just how bad the game has decayed from when it was in its prime.

    So once again, I''m done. I already waited to participate in this compensation after waiting for the actual event that failed. There have been several good ideas from the players before that Nexon repeatedly ignores and fails to respond to, while Nexon would rather keep trying the same method that failed. I'm not waiting another two weeks again for a repeat of the same thing as I was only testing the waters of the game and trying to get back into it this summer. So while you take your time to discuss any other great compensation ideas with your staff, I want to be the voice of those that it's too late for.