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  • DMT Issues 7/18

    Extremely disappointing. I want to highlight the problems in the last 2 weeks::

    1. Limited cube sale in Reboot, despite cubes costing meso and in a server where people preplan for this months in advance.
    2. First DMT disaster and the poor response. Ran the cube sale 30 minutes before the 1st DMT hour so no one could buy cubes or even enter the cash shop. During the actual DMT no one could cube.
    3. No meaningful communication until the memo out of nowhere. No "please hold your cubes as we discuss this issue". Takes a full week to hear anything that's not just stalling.
    4. No actual compensation, no acknowledgement that people make plans around this specific day and wake up at 1AM-4AM for a 1 hour window only to get nothing. Rerunning the event again that we were supposed to get but didn't is not "compensation", and it took a week to communicate this?
    5. Second DMT disaster with no real change from last week.

    There's no indication that Nexon cares at all about Reboot. I would say the memo talking about Burning World for non-Reboot is a bit tone deaf in a memo titled "Maple Memo: July Double Miracle Time – July 10" that was meant to address Reboot. The lack of actual meaningful compensation for people's time annoys me the most, and the "compensation" we ended up getting fell flat on its face. So not only is the 1st event not compensated for but now we need a compensation for the 2nd event?

    How did a good will event for the community do the complete opposite and cause everyone to become angry and frustrated towards you?