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  • Nexon America Take Accountability

    Reset wrote: »
    Duality41 wrote: »
    Really don't mean to be harsh, but how naïve can you be? They aren't going to start being transparent, they have shown multiple times they do not care about the GMS playerbase. eat your losses (whether that's only time or time + money)and cash out of this game.

    That is the only suggestion worth mentioning on this forum with the players wellbeing in mind at this point. a quick list of the problems yet to be addressed not even close to being on the horizon:
    - no mercy system in sfing
    - RNG + gambling riddling every component to progression (which means you're either throwing dozens of hours a week into this game or a piece of your pay cheque)
    - poorly managed economy of items (you guys let bots run this game for over a decade and the mesos price increased 2000% in 2020, hows that for 'balanced gameplay')
    - Requiring an item worth >$10k to provide a tolerable spawn rate (really, how tf is this a thing without having wild totem being the same rate, and its removed from their gambling machine)
    - blatant lies to the community and total lack of transparency

    As an adult, I gotta say, getting rid of this game in my life has felt like kicking a bad habit. Just move on mate.

    How am I naive? I never once said I had hope in them being transparent or actually changing. I said they should take accountability for their actions, how poorly they went about it all and that we're waiting for years on changes they claim they're going to make since years ago but they never happened. In no way is that hoping they'll do anything. If anything, they could at least be a bigger person and issue an actual direct apology for how poorly they treat their playerbase. Nobody expects Nexon to change at all at this point.

    Sorry didn't mean to be offensive, I simply meant that the thought Nexon needs to start 'being direct with their player base and tell it like it is', along with asserting they need to 'change their ways' to demonstrate a real apology are just naive thoughts and idealistic, as neither of those things are in the cards. I agree with the thoughts, but going onto their suggestion forum and exclaiming them is 100% in vain. Hence why I used the word naive. I don't mean it with a negative connotation, I think it's fair to expect more from this company considering how committed some of the players are. Wish you all the best with the game.