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  • Regarding Potential Upcoming Changes to Set Effect

    The Korean server (KMS) had changed set effects in items such that 2 of the same item would not count towards a set effect. The general consensus when this change was translated for the GMS community, was that Superior Gollux would be excluded from the changes because it specifically denotes 2 Superior Engraved Gollux Pendants in the Set.

    However, recent information from the Chinese Server (CMS) that was posted suggests this to not be the case and shows people wearing 4 Set Superior Gollux with 2 Pendants but only getting the Set Bonus from 3 Set.

    Does anyone have any further information on this and whether you can talk to the Dev Team about it? This pretty heavily impacts reg server players who decided to go with 15* Tyrant Belts and/or 22* Dreamy Belts instead of 22* Superior Engraved Gollux Belts, both of which are extremely expensive options.

    For context, the current iteration of Best in Slot gear would feature you getting 4 Set Superior Gollux off 2 Pendants, Earring, and a Ring (Granting 30% Boss and IED off the Set Bonus) and then getting 5 Set Pitched Boss off Berserked, Magic Eyepatch, Dreamy Belt, Endless Terror and their class's respective Cursed Spellbook.

    Because it might be brought up, a viable alternative is to swap Dreamy Belt for Superior Engraved Gollux Belt and 1 of the 2 Pendants for Source of Suffering, or swap the Dreamy Belt for Superior Engraved Gollux Belt and Superior Gollux Earrings for Commanding Force Earrings. But prior to the release of Commanding Force Earrings and Endless Terror though, the prevalent opinion was that Dreamy Belt was Best in Slot as it represented a lower relative stat loss when compared to its Gollux counterpart than with Source of Suffering vs Superior Engraved Gollux Pendant. In short, I would say a significant number of players are invested in either 15* Tyrant Belts (an item which costs an average of over 1 Million NX to make) which they slot in until they can assemble all the respective Pitched Boss items, or 22* Dreamy Belts for players that have already made them. If this change launches as is to GMS it would alienate a pretty large amount of loyal and likely high-paying players.

    I know, personally, that I would be forced to switch from my 15* Tyrant Belt to a 22* Superior Belt, something which, in the current economy and game state, does not seem feasible in the slightest for me. I am seriously considering quitting if this change does go live because I legitimately just don't have the funds to recoup the massive loss in damage and gameplay I experience from losing my 4 set Gollux.

    Another response that I would like to address before it may come up, is that in any game's progression there is inevitable power creep or advancement that changes the best gear and I'm being too much of a crybaby about this. The difference is, this isn't progression, it's regression. Rather than adding something new to the game for players to strive towards and acquire, which their old gear from the previous iteration can help them with, players who have made specific best in slot gear are getting kneecapped for not knowing about an arbitrary change that would come years in the future.

    To use an example, when the 25 Star enhancement system and Arcane gear came to Maple, those who had made previous best in slot in Transposed Tyrant didn't actively lose damage and could still very easily use that gear to progress towards the new best in slot. They didn't lose any damage, they just had higher potential ceiling

    In this case, any player who has made a 22* Dreamy Belt or 15* Tyrant Belt is losing significant damage with no recourse. In fact, they have a huge penalty just for making that gear as its price in the economy is going to drop massively considering 4-Set Gollux has been core to the gear progression of GMS for years now. If the change ships the way its been rumored to on CMS, it would be a huge slap in the face to any player who had previously invested significantly into either Dreamy Belts or Tyrant Belts.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but as someone who loves this game and has played it for a very long time, and has dealt with the ups and downs of loving a Nexon game, this is genuinely a change that I feel very uncomfortable if it ships the way it's being projected from this post