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    IGN: OrigamiHeart
    Server: Luna
  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest

    IGN: OrigamiHeart
    World: Luna

    For my design I wanted to create something focused around Lucid. Just how awesome is she!? I have an unhealthy obsession with her from the moment I saw her a few months back. Anyways, for those of you who have not yet heard of her, she's a new boss coming out with the V-update. She's a is the newest of the Black Mage's commanders, and has the ability to manipulate dreams. She controls dreams to such an extent that her dreams can easily be mistaken as reality.
    In the dreams, she turns her seemingly pure and innocent creations-flowers, butteflies, drawings of dragons, and other things that children, especially girls, dream about-into deadly weapons.
    My idea is to make a chair that can recreate this. A chair that symbolises something beautiful and happy which can also be scary and dangerous....
    This is why I chose amusement park attraction inspired chair design. A theme park can be the happiest place on Earth when opened (..in happy dreams) and the scariest and creepiest place at night or when abandoned (..in nightmares). I believe this partly grasps the idea of Lucid and her being.
    It can be a Ferris Wheel, a Carousel, a Roller coaster, powered by V-energy emitted by the players, thus showing their (V-?)power. Each car will be decorated with neon, lightning (overcharge) and other futuristic effects and elements.
    The important part of the design is the ability to interact with other players (inspired by a swing chair I recently saw ingame). By sitting near it (within some visible lines), other players can ride the attraction, filling a car. Limited to 4-6 players per chair, filling all spots could trigger some sort of visual effect, like faster moving parts, brighter colors, more lightnings, V-logo and etc.
    Since it's V-themed contest, you may wonder how does this idea suit the upcoming update? Amusement rides are dynamic, fun and can be related to the feeling of excitement (a.k.a. hype, which all of us feel towards the update). The continuity of the whole process (the constant and neverending spinning of the whole ride, caused by the interaction of the different small parts) symbolises the progress we make, TOGETHER, towards a brighter future, in the new era of Maplestory.

    P.S. I cannot draw one for the life of me, so I hope that I had explained it well enough for you to be able to picture it in your heads.