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  • Maple Fashion: Design Story 2021 - Outfits

    IGN: KurroHime
    World: Scania (NA)

    Hello everyone!

    This is my very first design contest and I am unfamiliar with drawing sprites so it may not look right, but I'm still super excited to share what I came up with!
    The Goldfish Outfit! Below are further details pertaining to each part of the outfit. I hope my illustration and descriptions will work together to get my idea across.

    Goldfish Outfit Set:

    Goldfish Overall (Male/Female):
    The overalls are the only piece in this outfit that is gender specific. The female overall has a skirt that resembles a goldfish tail, while the male overall has shorts that flare out meant to look like fins.

    Goldfish Gloves (Unisex):
    The gloves of the outfit are actually just the sleeves, but when worn together with the overalls it will look like one entire piece.

    Goldfish Shoes (Unisex):
    As for the shoes, they are actually a blue glowy aura under the character's feet meant to look like water. When the player walks, they will leave small golden glows in the water, kind of like footprints being left behind. When the shoes are equipped they also make the character float slightly up and down, to help illustrate the effect of standing on water.

    Goldfish Cape (Unisex):
    The cape for this outfit is meant to almost look like wings, but also the tail of a goldfish. And although I wasn't able to draw it, the idea was to have them constantly flow and flutter behind the character whether they are moving or not to give it a more ethereal and elegant look.

    Goldfish Hat (Unisex):
    The hat is actually three golden glows positioned like a headband on the character's head; with the middle one being the biggest, the right one being medium sized, and the left one being the smallest. As the character walks it will also leave a tiny trail of glows behind.

    Goldfish Weapon:
    The weapon is a small goldfish that will be floating next to the player at all times. What I imagined was for it to have small glows and bodies of water circulating around it naturally when the player is not in combat. When the player attacks, more water will splash out along with bigger golden glows. I've also thought about the jump animation for this weapon and the idea is to have the character enveloped in a large splash of water, while the goldfish will appear to look like it is making a curved jump out of water.


    Thank you for taking the time to look through my design, I hope you liked it! I definitely enjoyed seeing what everyone came up with! Good luck!