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  • Dutch trading restrictions.

    Dear Maplers and Nexon Employee's,

    I am personally a Dutch casino worker and i think that nexon mistook a certain law which the netherlands created against online gambling for people.
    Technically speaking dutch people are allowed to still trade in the game if we look at the actual law since according to the ToS.
    We aren't allowed to sell items for actual money which is why dutch people aren't allowed to trade in maple soon 1 on 1 and with ah. which doesnt make sence since its already against the ToS.

    Second of all the Netherlands will implement an system against people with a gambling addiction called Cruks.
    which is created to help people to stop gambling if they have an addiction but people will have to put themselves in there to not be allowed to gamble.

    3rth reason why this trading restriction is redicilious is according to law we are allowed to trade goods in a virtual game for virtual currency oltherwise all MMO's should be unable to be played in the netherlands.

    Since Maplestory is in core an MMO RPG it doesn't have to put up trade restrictions for a any dutch players. At most what nexon could do is disable gachapon and phillo books for Dutch people since those would be seen as loot boxes but loot boxes are allowed aslong as you can't sell the items for actual real life currency so i don't get the tradeban since it doesn't have to apply to maple anyways due to the core rules of the game.

    If nexon would really go with there plans for the netherlands than only proper compensations due to lack of possible meso income from selling drops is increase meso drop rate for dutch players and let them be allowed to buy all gears easier and get rid fo starforce booming for em cuz oltherwise it will take an eternity to create a decent gear set on a new account.

    I hope personally that nexon learn to read why stuff gets implemented and not try to obey a law which they won't need to obey since in core it doesn't technically apply for em since it isn't an online casino.


    An Actual Real Life Casino Employee