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  • Pet ideas

    Pet ideas(last is probably biggest)

    Crumb Squad: Chocolate chip cookie, Gingerbread man, and Grumpy raisin cookie who has mini raisins following as well (never too many raisins!)

    The milk marauders: Milk glass, Double rad mix box (juice box that’s purple and red) pet, and Juice jug (full tea reminiscent jug as opposed to tall for more emojis)

    The emoji runners: (no feet, but arms with hands and visible thumbs) (Happy guy, Serious eddy, and Sleepy ned). Second set could include Cool Kevin, Confused Jenny, and Thoughtful Destiny)

    The celestial elders ( moon boy, doctor orbit, and jill from space(meteor))

    and lastly the little love leaders ( heart gary, frank flowers, and Jenny love note jones).

    Astro Nauts could include an astronaut , rover pet, and a spaceship. Other group could include orbital stations or space colonies (possible vac pets). Stations are in shapes like sphere, column(shifting) and connected (2 rings

    Late ideas:

    Magic knights, or mini knights in armour with highlight colors

    Magicians Bag Pets : Top-hat pet, magic wand pet, Glasses or flower pet.

    Soap Squad: Soap pet, Sponge pet, Bucket or Squeege pet(crying emote is super)

    Jelly bean squad: Implied chars standing is better than sideways because they can tilt over when you emoting/ crying.
    More details:

    Emojis are similar to the phone ones but left/right facing with arms and the implied colors

    Moon boy is in reference of moons being either masculine or not full(like plutos moons. , doctor orbit is Saturn(with a top hat), and meteor is almost silver but more grey and has mini meteor surrounding.

    Heart is a heart with hands, flowers is pot with face on flower, and love note is note with small possible heart/kiss on bottom left (heart is better because a possible heart popping off/traveling set of emotes(from saying iloveyou and others)

    Artic Explorers: another vac pet set. 3 snow explorers in artic outfits, blue, purple, and orange. Others could be other sets/ or collectables. White, pink, black, green, red, yellow, grey, lime, mango, golden, brown, could be other pets instead of just main set. Super want for collection/ mix matching. Each has explorer item based on expedition: compass, binoculars, sled on back, protractor, rope, glasses, map, stick for walking(checking if ice strong), backpack, horn, fishing rod, notepad.

    Main Idea are the Orbit Systems: The Sphere (circular cylinder), Circular (Not full circle and can double to interlink) and Mini cube (full and not not filled) orbital systems. These are Vac pets. The sphere shapes or shifts, the circle moves in directions when two, and the cube and cube project.

    Another system that was an idea was the pet fort or pet houses. These are customizable and add not really stat but both emotes(could be effects) to pets and chars, as well as even benefits like finding more collection items (almost like a dig function(wouldnt use dig in towns) or even pet perks like more commands or more appearance effects)