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  • Dutch trading restrictions.

    Nexon can't read Dutch. Clearly.
    Nexon can simply contact the Dutch organizations regulating this (CRUKS), become a registered company.
    And they can bypass all the previous laws, they do have to prevent people from spending if they are in the CRUKS register (as gambling addict).

    But no other limitations are needed.

    Besides that, the previous enforcements on Dutch players were already overkill, so no need to further limit us.

    At the very least, we should be able to SELL MESOS for MAPLE-POINTS, so we can atleast do something with our mesos..... (would be better to make it a Reboot CS for Dutch players).

    They plan on getting us all to play on Reboot, but no refund or compensation on all the money/time spent on regular servers, I have no clue what's going on inside their minds....


    To explain the current law as clearly and simple as possible:

    Gambling/ game of chance laws apply to games where:
    - It is possible for the player to engage in an activity by paying a real world currency (or ingame currency obtained from a real world currency).
    - This activity has a random element to it.
    - The activity has a chance to reward the player with something that has monetary value. (monetary is a bit big here, but it basically means any currency, however it is aimed towards real world currency).

    AS you can see Nexon already prevents dutch players from trading, so the law was already being followed.....
    The ONLY change that came after oct 1st 2021, was the addition of the CRUKS register, where these laws could be bypassed if the company was registered and complied to use the register to check and report players being "gambling addicts" or simply spending too much.