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  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    People being permanently banned just for buying something from FM is ridiculous. Even if it any of these players supposedly knew that the Arcane weapons being sold by a hacker it still makes no sense for Nexon to ban these players.

    Because fifth job and the Arcane River is still relatively new, it's obvious that many players are excited to become strong enough to get the new Arcane weapons. In my opinon, by banning them for buying these weapons, is like banning them for being overly enthusiastic about the game, which is something Nexon should encourage, not discourage.

    Even if some of the people who bought the weapons somehow knew it was being sold by a hacker, what about the people who didn't know? Just ban them too just because? Even if it is considered a "participation of exploits" to Nexon, shouldn't intent be put into consideration as well? I'm sure many, if not all, of these players weren't intending to violate the ToS.

    I'm also pretty sure if there was an unlimited stock that all players could afford, everyone would've bought the weapons. If that was the case, would Nexon really just ban everyone playing the game? Hopefully not, because that's obviously a bad move.

    Not only does it make them look extremely bad, but doing this doesn't even help them or the community. Most of the players that were banned were some of the most dedicated Maplestory players. Losing these players will impact them, especially since there isn't much Nexon can do to bring in new players that will stay loyal to the game.

    I definitely feel like Nexon should've just banned whoever that was using illegal third party methods and deleted the weapons from the game and left it at that.